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Volume 46 (January 1971)

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Alexandrov, I.D. A preliminary analysis of negative complementation in white locus of D. melanogaster
Alexandrov, I.D. Mutation isoalleles or modification of frequencies of radiation induced viable point mutations by attendant chromosome rearrangements in D. melanogaster?
Alexandrov, I.D. The functional w+isoalleles revealed by w mutations in D. melanogaster.
Alonso, C. The effect of gibberellic acid on the development of D. hydei.
Anderson, B.A.S. Comparison of electropherograms of hemolymph and fat body solubleproteins in larval D. melanogaster.
Ayles, B. Male fertility of wild type stocks of D. melanogaster at different temperatures.
Band, H.T. Lethals and environmental tracking.
Band, H.T. Trend changes in rainfall and temperature range in the Amherst, Mass area.
Band, H.T. Environments, disruptive selection and lethals.
Band, H.T. Increased developmental homeostasis in a natural population and climatic changes.
Basden, E.B. Cataloguing of the world’s Drosophilidae.
Basden, E.B. Feeding by Scaptomyzaflava.
Belt, A.L. A non-lethal allele of Serrate?
Benedik, J. Viability and lethality studies in the natural population of D. melanogaster.
Bos, M. and Ch. van Dijken. The fertility of large and small flies in a disruptive selection experiment with D. melanogaster.
Bryant, P. Statistical distribution of melanotic tumors.
Budnik, M. and D. Brncic. The ability to survive under crowding conditions as an expression of heterosis in inversion heterozygotes in D. pavani.
Budnik, M., S. Koref-Santibañez. Temperature, rate of development and inversion polymorphism in D. pavani.
CetI, I. The relation between genotypes in a viability test.
Chatterjee, S.N. and A.S. Mukherjee. DNA replication pattern of the puffing sites in the X-chromosome of D. hydei.
Chester, B. Factors affecting the expression of eyelessness (ey2).
Chung, Y.J. and K.S. Lee. Further collection record of drosophilid flies from Korea.
Claxton, J.H. Cell numbers and acrostichal row numbers in hairy and non-hairy flies.
Dapples, C.C. Ovarian morphology of the singed36a mutant of D. melanogaster.
David, J. Utilization of crop content by Drosophila female.
David, J. and J. Bouletreau-Merle. Two levels of egg retention in the genital tract of Drosophila females.
del Solar, E. The effect of density on locomotor activity in D. melanogaster.
Donady, J. Failure to demonstrate genes for nerve or muscle differentiation onchromosome four.
Ehrlich, E. An X-chromosome balancer having three scute regions.
Ehrman, L. and D.L. Williamson. Differential centrifugation and infectious hybridsterility in D. apulistorum.
Eiche, A. and K. Fridman. Variation in the number of ovarioles in D. melanogaster females as a source of error in estimating oocyte stage.
Elens, A. and J.M. Wattiaux. Age and phototactic reactions in D. melanogaster.
Erickson, J. A viable and fertile homozygous Curly.
Ertha, D. and S.E. Moyer. A mosaic for two of three dominant markers in a male D. pseudoobscura.
Evans, W.H. Preliminary studies on frequency of autosomal nondisjunction in females of D. melanogaster.
Fowler, C. Suppression of SD by an XY Ring.
Freedman, C. and S.K. Majumdar. Effect of calcium cyclamate on the productivity of D. melanogaster.
Frías L., D. and M. Lamborot CH. Mating activity, sexual isolation and temperature in the "yellow", "white" and wild type strains of D. gaucha
Godbole, N.N., R.M. Kothari and V.C. Vaidya. An observation on the uric acid contentin the excretion of D. melanogaster larvae.
Godbole, N.N., R.M. Kothari and V.C. Vaidya. Studies on the nutritive value of different indigenous cereals for the larvae of D. melanogaster.
Godoy, R. and E. del Solar. Choice of oviposition site in D. melanogaster over 24, 48 and 72 hours.
Götz, K.G. Spontaneous preferences of visual objects in Drosophila.
Graf, U. and F.E. Würgler. Influence of the maternal genotype on the rate of apparent X/O males after irradiation of mature sperm.
Gvozdev, V.A., V.J. Birstein, L.G. Polukarova and V.T. Kakpakov. Expression of the sex-linked genes in the established aneuploid sublines of D. melanogaster.
Harrod, M.J.E. and C.D. Kastritsis. Nuclear inclusions in the salivary gland cells of D. pseudoobscura.
Heisenberg, M. Isolation of mutants lacking the optomotor response.
Jacobs, M.E. Survival of ebony and non-ebony D. melanogaster pupae in low humidity.
Johnston, J.S. and W.B. Heed. A comparison of banana and rotted cactus as a bait for desert Drosophila.
Kastritsis, C.D. "Micronucleoli" in D. paulistorum?
Khovanova, E.M. Somatic mosaicism in D. melanogaster x D. simulans hybrids.
Kim, K.W., M.S. Park and C.H. Rha. Studies on the ecology of Drosophila in Korea.
Koliantz, C. Spontaneous changes on the second chromosome of D. melanogaster.
Koref-Santibañez, S. and P. Iturra. Adult density and mating activity in D. gaucha and D. pavani.
Krimbas, C., M. Loukas and E. Diamantopoulou. Gene arrangement and gene frequencies in Mt. Parnes population of D. subobscura.
Kuroda, Y. Effects of substances with ecdysone and juvenile hormone activity on the growth of embryonic tissues from D. melanogaster in culture.
Kuroda, Y. Effects of various sera and insect blood on the growth of embryonic tissues from D. melanogasterin culture.
Lakhotia, S.C. and A.S. Mukherjee. Hyperactivity of the polytene X-chromosome in male D. kikkawai and D. bipectinata.
Langjahr, S.W. Further effects of butylatedhydroxytoluene on the longevity of D. melanogaster.
Leenders, H.J. Temperature induced puffs in Drosophila: their possible physiological origin.
Lefevre, G. and M.M. Green. Interactions of deficiencies in the 3C region.
Lieb, E. Recombination in gynandromorphs of D. melanogaster.
Limbird, D.L. A test for mutagenicity of MA and its effectiveness in deactivating EMS.
Majumdar, S.K. and C. Freedman. Mutation test of calcium cyclamate in D. melanogaster.
Mather, W.B. The genus Drosophila at Cebu, Philippines.
Matsudaira, Y. and T. Yamasaki. Dose-frequency relationship of two types of lethal mutation induced by X-rays in Drosophila.
Mazar Barnett, B. Lack of effect of DMSO on the fertility of irradiated males exposed to low temperature.
Miller, D.D. and A.J. Kleager. Some additional data and a summary on interspecificmating in the D. affinis subgroup.
Miller, D.D. On the identity of the "sex ratio" X chromosome of "eastern" D. Athabasca.
Minamori, S. One-sided gamete recovery from delta-carrying heterozygous males and females of D. melanogaster.
Mittler, S. N,N’ dimethyl 4,4’ dipyridinium chloride and radiation induced dominant lethals.
Moth, J.J. and J.S.F. Barker. Estimation of relative fecundity of two genotypes (or species) in mixed populations.
Moyer, S.E. and D. Burton. Incomplete dominance in hybrids from D. melanogaster adapted to DDT or NaCl.
Moyer, S.E., C. Grenier and D. Arthur. "Genetic assimilation" and other characteristics of a salt resistant population of D. melanogaster.
Moyer, S.E. and S.P. Stepak. Inheritance of trident and its role in detecting ebony heterozygotes in D. melanogaster.
Murnik, M. Rengo. The effects of - temperature on the sex ratios observed from OR and SD males.
Narise, S. Biochemical differences between alpha- and beta-esterase isozymes in D. virilis.
O’Brien, S. and R.J. Maclntyre. A biochemical genetic map of D. melanogaster.
Ouweneel, W.J. Influence of environment on the development of the homoeotic strainaristatarsia.
Parkash, O. The behavioural changes produced by thymidine-induced temperature sensitive lethal factors in D. melanogaster.
Pasteur, N. and C.D. Kastritsis. Electrophoretic general protein patterns duringdevelopment of D. pseudoobscura.
Patty, R.A. Durations of copulation in some recent "eastern" and "western" strains of D. athabasca.
Picard, G. and Ph. L'Héritier. A maternally inherited factor inducing sterility inD. melanogaster.
Pipkin, S.B. and N.E. Hewitt.The influence of the X chromosome on specificactivity of alcohol dehydrogenase of Drosophila.
Posch, N.A. Development time of D. melanogaster: dependence on yeast content, pH, and consistency of the medium.
Postlethwait, J.H. Effect of X-rays of the eye of heterozygous antennapedia flies.
Rajaraman, R. and O.P. Kamra. Effect of pretreatment with DNA bases and base analogs on the incidence of the sex-linked recessive lethal mutations in irradiated sperm of D. melanogaster.
Roberts, P.A. Localization of pr to region between gene duplications in chromosomearm 2L.
Rodinò, E. and A. Martini. Est 6 V: a new allele at the Est 6 locus in natural populations of D. melanogaster.
Rushton, J. and J.A. Metcalfe. A behavioral mutant of D. melanogaster: “Amiel”.
Sanjeeva Rao, M. The alteration of X-ray induced genetic damage by aflotoxin in D. melanogaster.
Sanjeeva Rao, M. The alteration of X-ray induced genetic damage by erythropoietin(s) in D. melanogaster.
Schalet, A. and K. Singer. A revised map of genes in the proximal region of the X chromosome of D. melanogaster.
Schalet, A. Two modified crossover-selector systems of general application to fine structure analysis.
Schalet, A. Suppressor of forked: insertion into a sc8 chromosome; high frequency of X-ray-induced deficiencies.
Schneider, I. Embryonic cell lines of D. melanogaster.
Scozzari, R., G. Trippa, C. Santolamazza, L. Ulizzi, C. Barberio and G. Modiano. Enzyme activity in three phosphoglucomutase phenotypes of D. melanogaster.
Seecof, R.L. Phosphate-buffered saline for Drosophila.
Sloane, C. and E.B. Spiess. Stimulation of male courtship behavior by female "odor" in D. pseudoobscura.
Spiess, E.B. and R. Ritzlin. Bacterial infection and cultures of D. persimilis tested for mating propensity.
Scharloo, W., G.M. Alink and J. van der Vlist. Stabilization of scutellar bristle number.
Stocker, A.J. An apparent developmental anomaly in D. pseudoobscura induced by injection.
Tallantire, A.C. and J.H. Buruga. A study of some Drosophilidae of Uganda.
Temin, R.G. and R.M. Shore. Heterozygous effects in D. melanogaster following treatment with ethyl methane sulfonate (EMS).
Turner, D.C. and C.P. Wright. The effects of some human-consumed chemicals on development of D. melanogaster.
Valentin, J. How much crossing-over occurs within heterozygous inversions?
Van Breugel, F.M.A. and J. van Zuylen. Fibrillarspherulites in the Malpighian tubules of larvae of D. hydei.
Van Valen, L. and P. Van Valen. A method that does not estimate age in Drosophila.
Vogel, E. Lack of mutagenic effectiveness of 8-Hydroxyquinoline sulfate in D. melanogaster.
Voss, R. A common suppressor for a lethal mutation and a forked mutation.
Wakahama, K.I., 0. Kitagawa, and O. Yamaguchi. Evolutionary and genetical studies of the D. nasuta subgroup. I. Chromosomal polymorphism found in the natural populations of D. albomicans.
Wasserman, M. and H.R. Koepfer. A new inversion found in a D. pseudoobscura balanced lethal stock.
Wasserman, M., H.R. Koepfer and M.J. Geller. Collections of Drosophilids from New Mexico and Colorado, with new data on the third chromosome arrangements of D. pseudoobscura found there.
Wright, C.P. Attempts to reverse lethality in some lethal mutants of D. melanogaster, by transplanting wild-type fat bodies into lethal larval.
Würgler, F.E. and M. Kälin. A "storage" effect with X-rayed mature sperm of D. melanogaster.
Zamburlini, P. The polymorphism of Est-6 in a wild population of D. simulans.

Anderson, B.A.S. Mass isolation of fat body tissue from Drosophila larvae.
Bennett, J. and G.B. Stanton. A "Y" maze for Drosophila.
Bennett, J. and D.L. Van Dyke. Improved food medium.
Bischoff, W.L. and J.C. Lucchesi. The preparative mass isolation of melanotic pseudotumors from larvae of D. melanogaster.
Borack, L.I. and W.H. Sofer. Pyrazole suppression of alcohol dehydrogenase activity after electrophoresis.
Burdette, W.J. and J.E. Carver. A procedure for quantitative analysis of RNA synthesis at puffing sites in salivary gland chromosomes of D. melanogaster.
Evans, W.H. and J. Erickson. Application of E.M. techniques to light microscopy of meiotic stages in Drosophila eggs.
Gordon, J.W. A simple device for the preparation of small filter paper rectangles for use in starch gel electrophoresis.
Gordon, J.W. and R.C. Richmond. A pressurized Drosophila media dispenser.
Holmquist, G. Removal of RNA from polytene chromosomes by lacto-aceto-orcein.
Kekic., V.,D. Marinkovi, N. Tucic and M. Andjelkovi. Apparatus for a measurement of phototactic behaviour in Drosophila at different light intensities.
Moyer, S.E. Disposable "vials.
Posch, N.A. Effective means of eliminating bacterial contamination in Drosophila culture media.
Roberts, R. A multiple sample homogenizer and multiple microsyringeapplicator foracrylamide gel electrophoresis.
Seecof, R.L., W. Kaplan, P. Wong, W. Trout III, and J. Donady. A versatile etherizer.
Shorocks, B. A culture medium for rearing Drosophila species.
Stocker, A.J. and J. Jackson. A technique for the synchronization of Drosophila for developmental studies.
Van Dyke, D.L. and J. Bennett. Mite elimination from stock cultures.
Williamson, R. A screening device for separation of immobilized adults from normal flies.
Würgler, F.E., M. Lezzi and U. Graf. A device for easily anaesthetising large numbers of flies.