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Volume 48 (March 1972)

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Alexandrov, I.D. Functional w+ isoalleles and genetic background.
Alexandrov, I.D. The test of antimorphic action of w mutations in D. melanogaster x D. simulans hybrids.
Alonso, C. In situ hybridization of RNA synthesized in larval salivary glands of D. hydei under in vitro conditions.
Basden, E.B. The Hymenopterous parasites of the Drosophilidae.
Batabyal, A.K. and N.S. Sidhu. Fertility study on different mutant strains of Drosophila melanogaster.
Beck, H. Mutants from natural populations of D. subobscura in Switzerland.
Behnia, A. and G. Koliantz. Genetic viability in D. melanogaster.
Benedik, J.K. Effect of disruptive and directional selection.
Benner, D.B. Some properties of Y-fourth chromosome translocations.
Bennett, J. and A.M. Hathaway. Behavioral correlates of the w, w+ gene substitution, observations in day 2.
Berg, R.L. A sudden and synchronous increase in the frequency of "abnormal abdomen" (aa) in geographically isolated populations of D. melanogaster.
Berg, R.L. The inheritance of abnormal abdomen in the offspring of wild males of Drosophila melanogaster.
Borack, L.I. Histochemical localization of B-L-Hydroxy acid dehydrogenase.
Bürki, K. and F.E. Würgler. A quick method for the determination of the oocyte stages in the ovaries of young Drosophila melanogaster females.
Charlesworth, B. and D. Charlesworth. Linkage disequilibrium in populations of D. melanogaster.
Chinnici, J.P. The effect of age on crossing over in the X chromosome of D. melanogaster.
Coyne, J.A. Quantification of xanthine dehydrogenase allozymes in mass samples of D. pseudoobscura.
Cummings, M.R. and B. Ganetzky. Carbohydrate content of adpfs females.
Das, A. Studies on penetrance, expressivity, viability etc. of the mutant px in D. ananassae.
David, J. and Y. Cohet. Accessibility of food and life span of Drosophila adults.
De la Rosa, M.E., J.G. de Jiménez, O. Olvera R. and R. Félix. Monosodium glutamate effects on X chromosome loss and non-disjunction in D. melanogaster.
Denell, R.E. and R. Jackson. A genetic analysis of transformer-Dominant.
Denell, R.E. Reversion studies of Nasobemia.
Doschek, E. Competition between the three types of sex-determination of Megaselia scalaris in artificial populations.
Ehrman, L., S. Koref-Santibañez and C.T. Falk. Frequency dependent mating in two species of the mesophragmatica species group of Drosophila.
Elens, A. Influence of aging on behavior of D. melanogaster.
Elens, A. Temperature, light intensity, and sexual isolation in function of frequency ratio of both genotypes for various strains of D. melanogaster.
Espinós, A. The effect of chlorine added to the drinking water upon Drosophila stocks.
Falke, E.V. and T.R.F. Wright. Induction of dominant temperature sensitive lethals into the CyO balancer, (In 2LR)O, and the Pm balancer, (In 2LR)bwV1, chromosomes.
Fattig, W.D. and W.L. Rickoll. Isolation of temperature sensitive mutants of the third chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster.
Fleming, C. and F. DeMarinis. A comparative study of electrophoretic protein patterns of the hemolymph of Bar series.
Futch, D.G. A preliminary note on parthenogenesis in Drosophila ananassae.
Gartner, L.P. Fine structure changes in the adult Drosophila midgut as a function of age and ionizing radiation.
Gavin, J.A. and D.G. Holm. Gamma ray induced nondisjunction of chromosome 2 in females.
Gerasimova, T.I. and E.V. Ananjev. Cytogenetical localization of structural gene Pgd for 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase in Drosophila melanogaster.
Gerasimova, T.I., V.A. Gvozdev, V.J. Birstein. Position effect variegation of Pgd locus determining 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase in Drosophila melanogaster.
Gill, K.S. Morphological differences between a pair of sibling species – melanogaster and simulans.
Godbole, N.N. and V.G. Vaidya. A new species of Drosophilidae from Poona (India): Zaprionus (Zaprionus) paravittiger sp. nov.
Godbole, N.N., R.M. Kothari and V.G. Vaidya. Study of free amino acids in eggs of five species of Drosophila.
Godbole, N.N. and V.G. Vaidya. A quantitative survey of Drosophilidae from Poona (India).
Grace, D. Disputant exceptional from experiments involved in mapping dumpy alleles.
Grell, R.F. Viability of tetra-4 flies.
Grossfield, J. A new class of light dependent behavior in Drosophila.
Hanly, E.W. The effect of Actinomycin D on ommatidial bristle development.
Hedrick, P.W. Possible stable equilibrium for D. melanogaster and D. simulans.
Heed, W.B. Distribution extensions and gene arrangements for D. parthenogenetica and D. montana.
Heed, W.B. and S.R. Heed. Ecology, weather, and dispersal of Drosophila on an island mountain.
Helmsing, P.J. and O. van Eupen. Gene activity and histone patterns in salivary gland nuclei and chromatin of Drosophila hydei.
Higgins, C.O. and B. Hochman. Free amino acids and the genetic control of transfer RNA in Drosophila.
Hunter, A.S. Distribution of Drosophila of Gothic, Colorado.
Imberski, R.B. and C. Strommen. Developmental changes in alcohol dehydrogenase activity in Drosophila hydei.
Jenssen, D. and J. Ahlberg. The effect of an electric field on somatic chromosomes in Drosophila melanogaster.
Johnson, T.K. and G. Lefevre, Jr. Comparative mutability of cm, ct, and sn.
Jousset, F.X. Presence of iota virus in French strains of Drosophila immigrans.
Kambysellis, M.P. and M.R. Whee1er. Light-dependence of oviposition in D. virilis.
Kekić, V. and D. Marinković. The dispersion of D. subobscura after exposure to different light intensities.
Kernaghan, R.P. Intracellular symbionts in the larval gonad of D. paulistorum.
Khovanova, E.M. On some features of somatic mosaicism in two stocks of D. simulans.
Khovanova, E.M. The influence of the content of live yeast in the medium on the frequency of somatic mosaicism in Drosophila simulans.
Korochkina, L.S. Change of the ring gland in post-natal development of Drosophila melenogaster Canton S and in 1(2)gl mutant.
Kuroda, Y. Differentiation of pupal testis of D. melanogaster in culture.
Lakhotia, S.C. Differential response of polytene X-chromosome of male D. melanogaster to dietary glutamic acid.
Lakovaara, S. and A. Saura. Location of 13 enzyme loci in D. willistoni.
Lefevre, G. Jr. and J. Kelley. Strawberry vs. facet-glossy, a locus correction.
Lefevre, G. Jr. and K. Peterson. An unusual Notch mimic: glossy-like (g-l).
Leigh, B. Induction of attached-X chromosomes in spermatozoa, by X-irradiation.
Leigh, B. X-ray induced reversion of isochromosomes in mature sperm.
Lucas, K.U. and G.F. Sprague, Jr. Glycogen synthetase activity in adipose males.
Marinković, D. and M. Andjelković. Reproductive ability of D. subobscura at different light intensities.
Mather, W.B. and P. Thongmeearkom. Inversion polymorphism in D. sulfurigaster albostrigata.
McKay, C.M. Quantitative measurement of pteridines.
Merriam, J.R. and C. Duffy. First Multiple seven; now contains snx2 for better balancing.
Miklos, G.L. G. Properties of males homozygous for Segregation-Distorter.
Minamori, S. and K. Sugimoto. Production of delta-retaining sensitive chromosomes by EMS in D. melanogaster.
Miquel, J., P.R. Lundgren, and R. Binnard. Negative geotaxis and mating behavior in control and gamma-irradiated Drosophila.
Mitra, N. and A.S. Mukherjee. Continuous 3H-TdR labeling pattern as the beginning of replication cycle: further evidence.
Mittler, S. Failure of Dimethyl sulfoxide to protect against radiation induced sex-linked lethals.
Moravec, J. Variability of the frequency of recombination between cn and vg in different second chromosome subpopulations of D. melanogaster originating from nature.
Moree, R. Heterozygosis and elimination rate of a heterozygously detrimental lethal of D. melanogaster.
Mosna, G. and S. Dolfini. New continuous cell lines of Drosophila melanogaster. Morphological characteristics and karyotypes.
Mostashfi, P. and G. Koliantz. Genetic studies of D. melanogaster in Azarbaidjan.
Mukai, T. and O. Yamaguchi. Effects of inversions on viabilities in a local populalation of D. melanogaster.
Murnik, M. Rengo and M.R. Bhaktual. The lack of mutagenicity of the herbicide 2,4,5-T in D. melanogaster.
Narda, R.D. and R.K. Gupta. Mutation studies in Drosophila melanogaster.
Narda, R.D. and G.S. Miglani. Role of protein synthesis in induction of recessive lethals by chemical mutagens.
Nirmala Sajjan, S. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Chromosomal polymorphism in D. neonasuta.
Nirmala Sajjan, S. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. New gene arrangements in D. ananassae.
Nirmala Sajjan, S. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Report on two new species of Drosophila from Mysore.
Ouweneel, W.J. Effect of colchicine on the development of homoeotic wing tissue.
Paik, Y.K. and K.C. Sung. Altitudinal survey of "cosmopolitan" species of Drosophila on the island of Hawaii.
Paik, Y.K. and K.C. Sung. Chromosomal polymorphism in Hawaiian populations of D. immigrans.
Poels, C.L.M., C. Alonso and S.B. de Boer. Functional capacities of isolated salivary glands in a chemically defined medium.
Premlatha, N. and M. Sanjeeva Rao. Induction of mutations by thioridazine hydrochloride in Drosophila melanogaster.
Pulvermacher, C. and W. Köhler. Frequency of successful matings.
Ramanamma, Y.V. and M. Sanjeeva Rao. The alteration of Diethyl sulphate induced genetic damage by penicillin in D. melanogaster.
Ranganath, H.A. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Differential rate of development in D. nasuta.
Ranganath, H.A. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Preliminary survey of Drosophila in Biligirirangana Hills (Mysore State, India).
Roberts, P.A. A revised map of basal 4R.
Rodinò, E. and G.A. Danieli. Three more alleles at the locus Est6 in D. melanogaster.
Samuel, B.C. and M. Sanjeeva Rao. Induction of mutations in D. melanogaster with O-Sulphobenzoic imide (saccharin).
Schalet, A. Crossing over in the major heterochromatic region of the X chromosome in normal and inverted sequences.
Scheid, W., H. Traut and M. Pfautsch. Visualization by scanning electron microscopy of giant chromosomes of Drosophila melanogaster.
Seattle-La Jolla Drosophila Laboratories. The use of Y-autosome translocations in the construction of autosomal deficiencies and duplications. Special Supplement DIS 47
Shannon, M.P. Characterization and developmental analysis of the female-sterile mutant almondex of Drosophila melanogaster.
Shannon, M.P., T.C. Kaufman, M.W. Shen, and B.H. Judd. Lethality patterns of zw mutants in Drosophila melanogaster.
Shellenbarger, D.L. Evidence that EMS induces point mutations at high frequency.
Siddaveere Gowda, L. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Report on Drosophila species in Charmadi Ghats (Mysore State, India).
Sobels, F.H. A study on the possible effect of the gene segregation distorter, SD 72, on the radio-sensitivity of sperm and spermatids in Drosophila melanogaster.
Sobels, F.H. The viability of II-III translocations in homozygous condition.
Sreerama Reddy, G. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Aberrant gene sequences in Drosophila ananassae from South India.
Sreerama Reddy, G. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Two new gene arrangements in Drosophila ananassae from South India.
Stark, W.S. The effect of ether and carbon dioxide on the components of the ERG of Drosophila.
Stoddard, A.E. Interaction between two dominant bristle mutants.
Sun, D.C., I.I. Oster and R.E. Crang. Pigment granules in the compound eyes of the wild type and two mutants of D. melanogaster.
Tsuchiyama, S. and B. Sakaguchi. Disc electrophoresis of soluble proteins in sex-ratio female of D. melanogaster.
Tung, P.S. Dosimetry of Drosophila sperm labeled with tritiated thymidine.
Tung, P.S. Radioautographic study of RNA and histone syntheses in the testicular cyst cells of Drosophila.
Valentin, J. Effect of maternal age on recombination in X in D. melanogaster.
Vitek, J. The selection coefficients of heterozygotes for the recessive lethal mutations of D. melanogaster.
Vlachová, E. Searching for a technique of application of chemo-mutagenes on melanogaster males in the food.
Wheeler, M.R. and L. Wheeler. Notes on some introduced Drosophila in Hawaii.
Williamson, D.L. and R.P. Kernaghan. Virus-like particles in Schneider's Drosophila cell lines.
Willis, D.E. and C.P. Wright. A histological study of glufultyrless-l, 1(1)EN7, a lethal mutant of Drosophila melanogaster.
Wright, C.P. Development of phenfultyrless-1, 1(1)EN11, a lethal mutant of D. melanogaster.
Zwolinski, R. and F. DeMarinis. A preliminary study of the metabolic pathway of 2-C14-uracil in Bar and wild type larvae of 70-73 hours old.

Baird, M.B., H.V. Samis, H.R. Massie and R.J. Nicolosi. A method for the determination of catalase activity in individual Drosophila.
Hochman, B. Ecologically-sound laboratory practices.
Klug, W.S. and M.H. Tan. Sexing and transplantation of gonads from D. virilis larvae.
Lefevre, G. Jr. A new symbol to distinguish insertional from reciprocal translocations.
Majumdar, S.K. and D.S. Novy. A very simple device for the collection of large numbers of eggs of D. melanogaster.
Maroni, G.P. A simple apparatus for the collection of large numbers of eggs.
Nederström, A. and J. Lumme. A simple method for recording the locomotoric activity of small insects.
Spieth, H.T. Rearing techniques for the Hawaiian species Drosophila grimshawi and D. crucigera.
Stern, K. Population cage for long-term experiments.
Travaglini, E.C. and D. Tartof. "Instant" Drosophila: A method for mass culturing large numbers of Drosophila.
Wheeler, M.R. The remarkable status of Drosophila pseudoneohydei.

Roberts, P.A. Additional uses of the "C-scan" stock.