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Volume 49 (November 1972)

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Angus, D.S. Drosophila fauna of Humbug Scrub and Adelaide, South Australia.
Averhoff, W.W. and M.R. Wheeler. A new distribution record for D. latifasciaeformis.
Bahn, E. A suppressor locus for the pyrimidine requiring mutant: rudimentary.
Baimai, V. A spontaneous triploidy in D. birchii.
Baker, B.S. Tests for chromosome breakage in the meiotic mutant paternal loss.
Baker, B.S. "Suppressors" of the Minute phenotype.
Beck, H. The phenotype of Xbb+/O males in Drosophila hydei.
Behnia, A. and G. Koliantz. The effect of Uric acid on a wild-type strain of D. melanogaster.
Berger, E.M. Isolation and dissociation of Drosophila ribosomes.
Berger, E.M. and R. Canter. "Moulting" esterases of Drosophila.
Bicudo, H.E.M. de C. One case of partial superpolytenization in Drosophila.
Bijlsma, E. and W. van Delden. Polymorphism at the alcohol dehydrogenase locus in D. melanogaster.
Bock, I.R. Hybridization between D. lutea and D. paralutea.
Butterworth, F.M., H. Dene and D. Wachnicki. Acid phosphatase in the protein granules of the larval fat body.
Chen, P.S. and C. Brugger. The ultrastructure of the anal organs of Drosophila larvae.
Childress, D. and W. Cantelo. Fitness of compound chromosome strains.
Chung, Y.J. Study of alcohol dehydrogenase in the Korean natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster.
Clark, A.M. Differential viabilities of X/O males.
Clark, A.M. Influence of the nutritional state of females on the frequency of X/Omales recovered after matings with irradiated males.
Clark, J.M. Mutagenic effect of azathioprine in Drosophila melanogaster.
Colaianne, J.J. and A.E. Bell. On the action of transformer (tra) in males ofD. melanogaster.
Counce, S.J. Variation in germ cell number and distribution in primitive dipterans.
David, J., R. Allemand, and P. Fouillet. On the duration of the fertilization and ofthe waterproofing process of the egg in the genital duct of Drosophila female.
Diamantopoulou, E. Frequency and allelism of lethals in two natural populations ofD. subobscura from Greece.
Diebolt, J.R. The effect of inhomogeneous electrostatic fields on D. melanogaster egg hatch; negative results.
Dübendorfer, A. and G. Shields. Proliferation in vitro and in vivo of a cell line originally derived from imaginal disc cells.
Ehrlich, E. A suppressor of a suppressor.
Ehrman, L., J. Leonard and A. Lewis. On the mechanism of selective mating between two D. paulistorumsemispecies.
Elens, A. Parental age and efficiency of selection for phototactism.
Evans, W.H. Non-random segregation in Drosophila females.
Faizullin, L.Z. and V.A. Gvozdev. Genetic balance and dosage compensation in D. melanogaster.
Gethmann, R.C. The production of diploid gametes by female D. melanogaster.
Golubovsky, M.D., and I.K. Zaharov. The new autosomal mutation "almond eye" and its interaction with certain dominant mutation in Drosophila melanogaster.
Golubovsky, M.D. and Y.N. Ivanov. Autosomal mutation in Drosophila melanogaster killing the males and connected with female sterility.
Hanks, G.D. Low level radiation as one causative component in sex ratios.
Hardy, R.W. Aberrant cytodifferentiation of aneuploid spermatids in D. melanogaster.
Hayman, D.L. and R.H. Maddern. A more precise cytological location of M(l)Bld andsu(s).
Hollis, R.J. Allozymic variation in Drosophila melanogaster from Virginia.
Hunter, A.S. and L. Waterman. Effects of delayed mating.
Ives, P.T. Residual lethality in induced rearrangements and the chromosomal distribution of d crossovers.
Johnston, J.S. and R.H. Richardson. A unique sex-specific, species-specific attractant for a Hawaiian Drosophila.
Koliantz, G. Recombination changes in D. melanogaster.
Korochkin, L.I., and N.M. Matveeva. Esterase isozymes of Drosophila of virilis group.
Korochkin, L.I. and M.D. Golubovsky. Localization of two genes controlling esterase electrophoretic mobility in Drosophila virilis.
Korochkin, L.I., M.B. Evgeniev, and N.M. Matveeva.The influence of the genotype on the phenotypical expression of esterases in Drosophila of the virilis group.
Lefevre, G. Jr. The distribution of X-ray-induced sex-linked lethals.
Libion-Mannaert, M. and A. Elens. Ageing in D. melanogaster ebony, white and wild:alcohol dehydrogenase and other enzyme activity changes.
Maddern, R.H. Presence of a number of lethal mutants at the extreme tip of the X chromosome.
Malpica, J.M. Enzyme polymorphisms in four populations of D. melanogaster.
Mahajani, S. and V.L. Chopra. Nitrosoguanidine mutagenesis in D. melanogaster.
Mather, W.B. and P. Thongmeearkom. The nasuta complex in Taiwan.
Matthews, D.L. and C.P. Wright. Development of gluful-4, l(1)EN5, a lethal mutant ofDrosophila melanogaster.
Matveeva, N.M., L.I. Korochkin. The comparison of esterase spectra of the 3rd instar larvae, pupae and imago in Drosophila virilis.
Miller, D.D. and J. Jaenike. Recent extensions of the known geographical ranges of "eastern" and "western-northern" D. athabasca based on salivary gland chromosome sequences.
Minamori, S. Extrachromosomal element delta correlates with "segregation distortion" phenomenon.
Mosna, G. Medium for Drosophila cells in vitro without serum.
Nettleton, R. A failure to demonstrate an influence of temperature on the "sexratio" phenomenon in D. athabasca.
Nicolosi, R.J., M.B. Baird, H.R. Massie and H.V. Samis. Cyclic AMP levels in pre-adult and adult D. melanogaster.
Nirmala Sajjan, S. and N.B. Krishnamurthy.Drosophila albomicans - a race of Drosophila nasuta.
    see Volume 50: Nirmala Sajjan, S. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Erratum in previous note.
Nirmala Sajjan, S. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Structural variability in naturalpopulations of Drosophila nasuta.
Novitski, E. Strengths of autosomal centromeres.
Ogah, F. and R. MacIntyre. The persistence of Acid phosphatase-l null mutants of Drosophila melanogaster in experimental population cages.
Ouweneel, W.J. and J .M. van der Meer. Determination and regulation in the haltere disc.
Palabost, L. The influence of density on the larval viability of D. melanogaster.
Parádi, E. Establishment of a new cell line from Drosophila mutant embryo.
Paterson, H.E. and N. Monzu. New records of Drosophila nicholsoni Malloch and D. nitidithorax Malloch from Perth, Western Australia.
Picard, G., A. Bucheton, J.M. Lavige, A. Fleuriet, J.C. Bregliano and Ph. L'Héritier. Further data on non-Mendelian female sterility in Drosophila melanogaster.
Pinsker, W. and E. Doschek. Mating success and visual acuity in D. subobscura.
Pipkin, S.B. and C. Rhodes. Frequency of the D. melanogaster allele, AdhII, innatural populations of Mexico.
Portin, P. and M. Ruohonen. A new type of allelic interaction at the Ax locus inDrosophila melanogaster.
Puijk, K. and G. de Jong. Alpha-amylases in a population of D. melanogaster from Dahomey.
Ranganath, H.A. and N.B. Krishnamurthy Rate of development and fecundity in Drosophila nasuta.
Ranganath, H.A. and N.B. Krishnamurthy.Seasonal studies on Drosophila fauna of Biligirirangana Hills, Mysore.
Sreerama Reddy, G. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Ovoviviparity in Drosophila anomelani.
Sang, J.H. Can ecdysones be fed to Drosophila larvae?
Schäfer, U. Some observations on bobbed in Drosophila hydei.
Schalet, A. Lethal, semilethal, and male sterile mutants in the proximal region of the X chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster.
Schwinck, I. Imaginal eyes implanted in the imaginal abdomen.
Sidhu, N.S. A note on floating muscle fibres in seminal vesicles of D. melanogaster (Meig).
Singh, A. The Drosophilidae of Assam, India.
Široky, J. and J.K. Benedik. The changes of viability in a cage population.
Smith, J.W. Mating behavior of Drosophila nigromaculata.
Sobels, F.H. The induction of non-disjunction of compound second chromosomes in stage-14 oocytes by X-rays.
Stark, W.S. Light-elicited wavelength-specific shifts in the ERG visual sensitivity of Drosophila.
Stark, W.S. and G.S. Wasserman. Temporal properties of the ERG on-transient recorded in the retina and lamina.
    see Volume 50: Stark, W.S. and G.S. Wasserman. Erratum in previous note.
Tartof, K.D. A novel virginator stock.
Thomasson, W.A. Juvenile hormone does not inhibit protein granule accumulation in larval fat body.
Tobler, H. and S. Huber. Effect of nitrogen mustard (HN-2) on the development of the male foreleg of Drosophila melanogaster.
Trippa, G., C. Barberio, A. Loverre and P. Santolamazza. Phosphoglucomutase (PGM) polymorphism in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster.
Trippa, G., A. Loverre, A. Micheli and I. Miola.  Frequencies of SD chromosomes in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster.
Van den Haute, J.P. and A. Elens. Vigor factors in sexual selection.
Voelker, R.A. On the possible identity of the factor(s) giving rise to male recombination and to unique chromosome aberrations in Drosophila melanogaster.
Wargent, J.M. Position-effect variegation in the Revolute of Bridges strain of Drosophila melanogaster.
Wood, D.D. and F.M. Butterworth. Mating behavior and reproductive tract morphology of male-sterile mutants.
Woodruff, R.C. A new sex-linked mutator gene in Drosophila melanogaster.
Wright, C.P. Oxygen consumption in glufultyrless-l, l(1)EN7, a lethal mutant of Drosophila melanogaster.
Yannopoulos, G. Seasonal differences of spontaneous autosomal recessive lethal mutation frequencies in a wild Greek Drosophila melanogaster population.
Zhimulev, I.F. and V.A. Lytchev. Some additional characteristics of the phenotype of l tl (lethal tumorous larvae) of D. melanogaster.

Atherton, D. and J. Gall. Salivary gland squashes for in situ nucleic acid hybridization studies.
Bennet-Clark, H.C. Microphone and pre-amplifier for recording courtship song of Drosophila.
Bricks, B.G. and J. Grossfield. A timing control circuit for fluorescent lamps.
Grossfield, J. Gaseous anesthesia of Drosophila.
Hartmann-Goldstein, I.J. A simple method for isolating nuclei from individual salivary glands of Drosophila.
Novitski, E. Instant triploids.
Steiner, W.W.M. A simple and effective desiccating system.
Tartof, K.D., D. Tartof and M. Jones. A fly trap.

Klug, W.S. and D. Weller. A computer simulation of a Drosophila transmission genetics experiment.