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Volume 6 (April 1936)

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Research Methods


Construction and maintenance of stocks

Editors. Note by Editors

Agol, I.J. New method of detecting lethals in the X-chromosome.

Austin, Tex. Laboratory. Balancers.

Muller, H.J. Accumulation of mutations (Negativing of natural selection).

Muller, H.J. Accumulation of mutations in given sex.

Muller, H.J. Combination of invisible genes.

Muller, H.J. Construction of homozygous stocks.

Muller, H.J. Detection of mutations.

Muller, H.J. Insertion of desired genes into Attached X’s.

Muller, H.J. Insertion of foreign chromosome into homozygous host stock.

Muller, H.J. Labor-saving method of starting homozygous or balanced stocks of male-fertile sex-linked genes.

Muller, H.J. To balance sex-linked genes.

Muller, H.J. and C.B. Bridges. Balanced stocks.

Muller, H.J. and C.B. Bridges. Balancing of duplications by deficiencies or lethals and vice versa.

Oliver, C.P. Balancers.

Stern, Curt. Technique for obtaining large numbers of unfertilized females.

Zuitin, A.I. A third chromosome balancer.


Observations on eggs, larvae, pupae and flies

Altenburg, E. Eggs for ultra-violet treatment.

Beadle, G.W. Collection of eggs

Beadle, G.W. Pigmentation of Malpighian tubes in larvae of D. melanogaster.

Beadle, G.W. and Boris Ephrussi. Collecting eggs and larvae.

Clancy, C.W. Two methods of ligating Drosophila larvae.

Crew, F.A.E. Egg counts.

Danner, E.C. Methods for obtaining Drosophila eggs for embryological study.

Dobzhansky, Th. Collecting, transporting, and shipping wild species of Drosophila.

Ephrussi, B. and G.W. Beadle. A technic of transplantation for Drosophila anlagen.

Gottschewski, G. Collecting eggs from weak stocks.

Harnly, M.H. Wing measurements.

Hoover, M.E. Eggs for larval observation.

Hoover, M.E. Some uses of Beadle’s Malpighian tubes technique.

Marshak, A. Collection of eggs, modification of Beadle’s method for collecting eggs.

Mickey, G.H. Collecting eggs.

Schweitzer, M.D. Collecting eggs.

Schweitzer, M.D. Handling eggs and larvae.

Stern, C. Technique for the study of certain genetic constitutions in hypodermis spots.

Timofeeff-Ressovsky, N.W. and K.G. Zimmer. On the technique of radiation-genetic experiments.

Whittinghill, M. An aid in arranging flies for separating or counting them.


Cytological techniques

Anthes, E.H. Critical illumination for microscopic research.

Bauer, H. Notes on permanent preparations of salivary gland chromosomes.

Bridges, C.B. Current method for permanent aceto-carmine smears.

Bridges, C.B. The examination of salivary chromosomes.

Griffon, A.B. Scaling slides with paraffin.

Kaufmann, B.P. Technique for spreading salivary chromosomes.

Lawrence, E.G. Note on the use of dioxin in making permanent aceto-carmine preparations.

Lebedeff, G.A. Method of mounting the reproductive organs of Drosophila.

Marshak, A. A rapid method for making permanent mounts of Drosophila salivary gland chromosomes.

Painter, T.S. Aceto-carmine technique for salivary chromosomes.

Schultz, J. Notes on methods for salivary chromosomes.




Thermal Control

Bridges, C.B. Incubators and thermal control.

Camara, A. Incubators.

Crew, F.A.E. Constant temperature room.

Department Biology, Amherst College. Constant temperature and humidity control.

Gottschewski, G. Incubator.

Gravett, H.L. Thermal control system.

Hersh, A.H. Incubators.

Medvedev, N.N. Thermal control.

Mossige, J. Constant temperature arrangement.

Shull, A.F. Heating units and thermal control.

Spencer, W.P. Incubators.

Stern, C. Incubators.



Amherst Laboratory. Etherizing bottle.

Amherst Laboratory. Pusher.

Bridges, C.B. Light.

Crew, F.A.E. Culture bottles.

Demerec, M. Etherizing bottle.

Gottschewski, G. Culture bottle and Etherizer.

Gravett, H.L. Culture bottles.

Kyoto University. Culture bottles.

Medvedev, N.N. Culture bottles.

Mickey, G.H. Counting plate.

Mickey, G.H. Etherizer.

Mickey, G.H. Lighting arrangement.

Mickey, G.H. Pusher.

Mickey, G.H. Trays for vials.

Muller, H.J. Etherizing bottle.

Muller, H.J. Fly morgue.

Oliver, C.P. A dry heat sterilizer for cotton plugs.

Shipman, E.E. Culture bottles.

Shipman, E.E. Pushers.

Spencer, W.P. Etherizing bottle.

Spencer, W.P. Culture bottles.

Stern, C. Food-filling funnel and etherizer.

Stern, C. Foot-focusing device for binocular.



Culture media

Bridges, C.B. Food formula.

Gottschewski, G. Culture medium.

Gravett, H.L. Brewer’s yeast.

Gravett, H.L. Food formulae.

Kyoto Laboratory. Food formulae.

Ludwig, W. Food formulae.

Masing, R. and A.I. Zuitin. Food formulae.

Medvedev, N.N. Food formulae.

Muller, H.J. Seeding with yeast.

Offermann, C.A. and I.K. Schmidt. Culture media for Drosophila.

Parker, D.R. Food formula.

Spencer, W.P. Food formula.

Tanaka,Y. Food formula – Synthetic food.


Control of Mites and Molds

Amherst University. Restriction of use of Nipagin M.

Columbia University Laboratory. Mites and molds.

Demerec, M. Control of mites.

Crew, F.A.E. Mites and mold.

Gowen J.W. Control of mites.

Glass, B.H. Control of mold and mites.

Gottschewski, G. Control of mites.

Kyoto Laboratory. Control of mites.

Parker, D.R. Moldex-A as a mold inhibitor.

Schott, R. Mites and molds.

Shipman, E.E. Mold preventatives (preservatives).

Shipman, E.E. Ridding cultures of mites.

Spencer, W.P. Life history of the lab mite.

Spencer, W.P. Mite and mold control.


Miscellaneous methods

Brierley, J. Method for handling vials in transfers of active flies.

Hoover, M.E. Maintenance of stocks.

Kaiser, S. Transfer of flies.

Muller, H.J. Labelling of stock cultures.

Muller, H.J. Supplying vials with paper.

Oliver, C.P. Protection of cultures from mice.

Parker, D.R. Method of carrying stocks.

Stern, C. Feeding flies kept temporarily in vials.