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Volume 61 (June 1985)

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Research Notes

Alatortsev, V.E. and E.V. Tolchkov. Complementation analysis of rearrangements affecting the Sd-F region of the D. melanogaster X-chromosome.

Alexandrov, I.D. Modification of radiation- induced rates of intra- and intergenic changes at the yellow locus of Drosophila melanogaster by the genotype, caffeine, actinomycin-D and radiation quality.

Andrade, C.A.C. and A.P. Gupta. Studies on bristle number in hybrids between strains of D. capricorni from Brazil.

Andrews, K. and C. Chihara. An overproducer of a third instar urea-soluble cuticle protein in Drosophila melanogaster.

Barker, J.S.F. and D.K. Fredline. Reproductive biology of Drosophila buzzatii.

Bel, Y. and J. Ferr. Regulation of eye-pigment metabolism in Drosophila melanogaster: effect of high doses of aromatic amino acids in the diet.

Belote, J. and M. Mckeown. Post-replicative repair of an X-ray damaged chromosome following fertilization in Drosophila melanogaster.

Bierniaux, C., J. Lechien, E. Depiereux and A. Elens. Temperature and efficiency of a disruptive selection for phototactism.

Bihari, B. and J.P. Gupta. Records of Drosophila species from three different area of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Boerema, A.C. and R. Bijlsma. The effect of substituting artificial laboratory food by orange food on allozyme polymorphisms.

Botella, L.M. and J.L. Mensua. Can crowding promote larval diapause in Drosophilids?

Botella, L.M. and J.L. Mensua. A comparison of the urea and uric acid content between crowded and uncrowded cultures of D. melanogaster throughout development.

Carracedo, M.C. and P. Casares. Hybridization between Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulans in competition experiments.

Carracedo, M.C. and P. Casares. A study on the dynamics of crossing between Drosophila melanogaster females and Drosophila simulans males.

Casares, P. and M.C. Carracedo. Hybridization between sympatric and allopatric populations of Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulans.

Castro, J. and J.L. Mensua. Effect of the seeding site on viability and developmental time of three genotypes of Drosophila melanogaster.

Chanteux, B., J. Lechien, C. Dernoncourt-Sterpin, M. Libion-Mannaert, S. Wattiaux-De Coninck and A. Elens. Ethanol metabolizing enzymes subcellular distribution in D. melanogaster flies homogenates.

Chapman, C.H. and P.M. Bingham. Evidence that the locus of a novel type of suppressor mutation regulates transcription of the white locus.

Chatterjee, R.N. Changes of DNA replication pattern of the polytene chromosomes of Drosophila melanogaster resulting from chromosomal rearrangements.

Chatterjee, R.N. Effect of alpha-amanitin on the DNA synthesis in the polytene chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster.

Collins, M.F. and J.K. Hewitt. Correlations between the elements of male courtship behavior in a series of inbred lines of Drosophila melanogaster derived from the same population.

Collins, M.F., J.K. Hewitt and J.F. Gogarty. Time-sampling courtship behavior in Drosophila melanogaster.

Cook, J.L. and D.T. Kuhn. Spatial distribution of tuh abnormalities.

De Frutos, R. and L. Pascual. Weak points and ectopic pairing in polytene chromosomes of Drosophila subobscura.

Del Puerto, G.A., J.J. Culich and C.J. Chihara. Last larval instar cuticle protein patterns and their use for the identification of twenty-one species of Drosophila.

Di Pasquale Paladino, A., P. Cavolina and A. Vella. Lack of response to selection for high and low penetrance in the tu-pb stock of Drosophila melanogaster.

Dominguez, A. Location of a factor with effect on sternopleural bristle number in Drosophila melanogaster.

Duttagupta, A.K., D. Mutsuddi and M. Mutsuddi (DAS). Replication in X chromosomal segmental aneuploids in Drosophila.

Engels, W.R. A set of P cytotype balancer stocks.

Ferre, J., J.L. Mensua and K.B. Jacobson. Characterization of a novel quinoline in Drosophila melanogaster: xanthurenic acid 8-0-Beta-D-glucoside.

Ford, S. and L. Tompkins. An assay to measure the consumption of attractants in solution.

Garnett, D.J. Detection of colour mutations in Drosophila by biochemical methods.

Garnett, D.J. A new method of mutagen application to Drosophila eggs and larvae.

Gazaryan, K.G., S.D. Nabirochkin and E.N. Shivanova. Induction with high frequency of site-specific visible mutations in the MR-strain of D. melanogaster by DNA injected into the polar plasm of early embryos.

Genova, G.K. and E.P. Semionov. Unstably localized nucleoli in Drosophila melanogaster salivary gland cells in various stocks.

Gerasimova, T.I. and L.V. Matyunina. Simultaneous reversion of three unstable alleles at loci yellow, white, singed.

Gerasimova, T.I. and L.V. Matyunina. Unstable mutations at the locus yellow induced by the mobile element MDG2.

Ghosh, A.K. Transcriptional activity of an autosomal arm (2L) in trisomic condition in Drosophila melanogaster.

Ghosh, M., S. Banerjee and A.S. Mukherjee. Activity of the X chromosome of the reinverted mosaic mutant larvae of D. melanogaster in in vitro culture.

Ghosh, M. and A.S. Mukherjee. DNA replication in the X chromosome of ln(1)BM2 (rv, mosaic) of Drosophila melanogaster.

Glätzer, K.H. and P.-M. Kloetzel. Antigens of cytoplasmic RNP particles of D. melanogaster can be localized on distinct Y chromosomal structures in spermatocytes of D. hydei.

Gonzalez, A. and J.L. Mensua. Allelic rates and population sizes of two populations of D. melanogaster from cellar and vineyard.

Gupta, J.P. Further additions to the list of drosophilid species from India.

Harisanova, N.T. and K.H. Ralchev. The effect of 10°C temperature on the embryonic development of Drosophila hydei.

Itoh, N., P. Salvaterra and K. Itakura. Construction of an adult Drosophila head cDNA expression library with lambda gt 11.

Ivanchenko, M., T. Braude-Zolotaryova and V. Kakpakov. Histone extracts from nuclei of established Drosophila cell lines contain two additional minor components.

Ivanchenko, M. and L. Muhovatova. Modifications of Drosophila proteins Dl and D2.

Jacobs-Lorena, M. Radiolabeling of Drosophila embryonic RNA and protein to high specific activity.

Jennings, N.J. and R.D. Seager. Larval substrates of wild Drosophila.

Kalisch, W.-E. and J. Böhm. The EM band-interband pattern of SSP chromosomes in D. subobscura.

Kaplan, H. and T. Clover. Frequency dependent selection utilizing Bar and sepia mutants of Drosophila melanogaster.

Kidwell, M.G. and J.B. Novy. The distribution of hybrid dysgenesis determinants in North American populations of D. melanogaster.

Knoppien, P. The number of males stored per vial, a possible source of bias in rare male experiments.

Kobayashi, K. and H. Watabe. Drosophilid fauna of Rishiri Island in northern Japan.

Kosuda, K. Mating activity of aged males in Drosophila melanogaster.

Kumar, A. and J.P. Gupta. Further records of Drosophilid species from north-east India.

Lechien, J., C. Bierniaux And A. Elens. Response to a disruptive selection for phototactism.

Levitan, M. Spontaneous chromosome aberrations in D. robusta since October 1960. II . Autosomal inversions among the first 559.

Lopez, M.M. Drosophila subobscura has been found in the Atlantic coast of Argentina.

Manousis, T.H. Larval saliva in several Drosophila species.

Markow, T.A. and N. Maveety. More character displacement for reproductive isolation in the Mulleri complex.

Martinez-Sebastian, M.J. and J.L. Mensua. Abdominal bristle number and sex-dimorphism in D. subobscura.

Mather, W.B. and R. Casu. Inversions from Phuket, Thailand. 5th Report.

Mather, W.B. and A.K. Pope. Inversions from Chiang Mai, Thailand. 5th Report.

Mather, W.B. and A.K. Pope. Inversions from Phuket, Thailand. 6th Report.

Mather, W.B. and A.K. Pope. Inversions from Phuket, Thailand. 7th Report.

Mather, W.B. and K.S. Tam. Inversions from Chiang Mai, Thailand. 3rd Report.

Mather, W.B. and K.S. Tam. Inversions from Chiang Mai, Thailand. 4th Report.

Matyunina, L.V. and T.I. Gerasimova. Study of spontaneous sex-linked lethal mutations in the unstable line of Drosophila melanogaster.

Melzer, S. and K.H. Glatzer. Localization of RNP antigens in primary spermatocytes of Drosophila melanogaster by indirect immunofluorescence and their correlation to fertilityfactors.

Miglani, G.S. and V. Mohindra. Detection of chromosomal aberrations in the progenies of EMS-induced recombinants in D. melanogaster males.

Montague, J.R. Body size, reproductive biology, and dispersal behavior among artificial baitsin Drosophila falleni.

Morton, R.A. and S.C. Hall. Response of dysgenic and non-dysgenic populations tomalathion exposure.

Mrcarica, E. The influence of parental age to sex ratio on their Drosophila melanogaster- progenies.

Najera, C. Proportion of D. melanogaster-D. simulans in natural populations.

Najera, C. Study of eye colour mutant variability in natural populations of D. melanogaster- II. Vineyard.

Najera, C. and M.C. Gonzalez-Bosch. The maintenance of variability in artificial populations. III. Frequency of ADH.

Najera, C. and J.L. Mensua. Study of eye colour mutant variability in natural populations of D. melanogaster. I. Cellar.

Ostrega, M.S. Restriction endonuclease analysis of the relatedness of D. Montana and D. virilis lines.

Pascual, L. and R. de Frutos. "In vitro puffs" after heat shocks at two different temperatures in Drosophila subobscura.

Payant, V. Is abdomen pigmentation polymorphism in D. erecta selectively neutral?

Perez Alonso, M. and R. de Frutos. Electron microscopic analysis of the E polytene chromosome of Drosophila subobscura. Division 54.

Poole, J.H. and L.K. Dixon. Drosophila peroxidases: IV. Heritability (H) estimates for three major isozymes.

Ramachandra, N.B. and H.A. Ranganath. Further studies on B-chromosomes in D. nasuta albomicana.

Real, M.D. and J. Ferre. Chemical synthesis and the “in vivo” formation of xanthurenic acid 8-0-beta-D-glucoside in Drosophila melanogaster.

Ricker, J.P. and J. Hirsch. Evolutionary changes in laboratory populations selected for geotaxis.

Rodrigues, V. and E. Buchner. Choline uptake in Drosophila melanogaster is linked to acetylcholine synthesis.

Savvateeva, E.V., S.E. Korochkina, I.V. Peresleny and N.G. Kamyshev. Map expansion around ts-mutations in genes controlling cAMP metabolism in D. melanogaster.

Savvateeva, E.V., A.I. Peresleny and N.G. Kamyshev. Sertonin affects locomotor activity in Drosophila via cAMP system.

Seager, R.D., W.W. Anderson and C.J. Brown. Apparent neutrality of Amylase in Drosophila pseudoobscura grown on starch and maltose media.

Semeshin, V.F. and J. Szidonya. EM mapping of rearrangements in the 24-25 sections of D. melanogaster 2L chromosomes.

Sherald, A.F. and R.A. Voelker. Cytogenetics of suppressor of black.

Silva, F.J. and J.L. Mensua. Synergistic effects between eye-color genes of Drosophila melanogaster.

Simmons, M.J., J.D. Raymond, M.J. Boedigheimer, E.A. Drier, G.J. Kocur, R.J. Morrison and J.R. Zunt. Stabilization of unstable X chromosomes.

Singh, B.K., M. Bhatt and N.S. Negi. Drosophilidae of Uttarakhand, U.P., India.

Singh, B.N. On the terminal inversion in Drosophila ananassae.

Stark, W.S. and S.D. Carlson. Retinal degeneration in rdgBKS222 is blocked by oraJK84 which lacks photoreceptor organelles.

Stark, W.S. and S.D. Carlson. Ultrastructure of the compound eye and first order neuropile in the seven less (sev) mutant of D. melanogaster.

Stocker, R.F. and M. Schorderet. Sensory projections of homoeotically transformed eyes in D. melanogaster.

Takada, H. Curtonotidae and Drosophilidae from Ussuriysk, U.S.S.R.

Thompson, S.R. The effect of density on death rates in Drosophila population cages.

Thompson, V. and L.D. Brooks. A semibalancer system for detecting third chromosome two-arm synthetic lethals in D. melanogaster.

Titus, E.A., H.L. Carson and R.G. Wisotzkey. Another new arrival to the Hawaiian Islands: Drosophila bryani Malloch.

Torramilans, X. and E. Juan. Surface spreading of Drosophila subobscura polytene chromosomes.

Trehan, K.S. and K.S. Gill. Isolation and partial purification of allozymes of acid phosphatase from heterozygotes of Drosophila melerkotliana.

Tsacas, L. and F.P. Saitta. Drosophilids in Swaziland, Southern Africa.

Ushakumari, A., N.B. Ramachandra and H.A. Ranganath. Relative performance of two strains of D. nasuta nasuta (wild and mutant) on different food media.

Ushakumari, A. and H.A. Ranganath. Importance of sugar and yeast in the nutritionof Drosophila.

Van Delden, W. and A. Kamping. The influence of yeast amount on body weight and ADH activity in D. melanogaster strains selected for tolerance to hexanol.

Van Den Berg, M.J. The influence of isolation during rearing on male vigor in D. melanogaster.

Van Herrewege, J. and J.R. David. Ethanol tolerance in D. melanogaster: parallel variations in larvae and adults from natural populations.

Van Zijll Langhout, B.W. and F.M.A. Van Breugel. Cytological localization of the Aldox gene of Drosophila melanogaster in the region 3R 89A1.2.

Vouidibio, J., A. Bockatola, L. Tsacas and J.R. David. Drosophila polychaeta, Patterson & Wheeler 1942 (= D. baole, Burla 1954): another domestic Drosophila species to achieve cosmopolitan status.

Watabe, H. A preliminary note on the drosophilid flies collected at timberyards in northern Japan.

Williamson, R.L. and A.D. Riggs. 5-Aza-2’deoxycytidine does not cause recessive lethal mutations in Drosophila melanogaster.

Zust, B. and J. Wuest. The tumorous-head mutant of Drosophila melanogaster: examination by scanning electron microscopy of eye imaginal discs.

Zullo, S. The influence of singed (sn3) in Drosophila melanogaster - D. simulans hybrids.

Technical Notes

Clark, A.G. and W. Gellman. A rapid spectrophotometric assay of triglycerides in Drosophila.

Curtsinger, J.W. Dot-matrix printer characters for geneticists.

Duttagupta, A.K., M. Das (Mutsuddi) and D. Mutsuddi. The maintenance of the sensitive Drosophila stocks in laboratory culture.

Hey, J. and D. Houle. Rearing Drosophila athabasca.

Marcus, C.H. Single fly DNA extraction procedure.

McRobert, S.F. and L. Tompkins. A method for observing the behavior of groups of flies.

Milner, M.J. Culture medium parameters for the eversion and differentiation of Drosophila melanogaster imaginal discs in vitro.

Nichols, R. and W.L. Pak. A simple medium for vitamin A deprivation of Drosophila melanogaster.

Ralchev, K.H. and N.T. Harisanova. A convenient method for mass production and harvesting of sychronous embryos.

Real, M.D., J. Ferre and J.L. Mensua. Methods for the quantitative estimation of the red and brown pigments of Drosophila melanogaster.

Wallace, B.A. $100 incubator.

Whitmore, T., G. Schwitalla and W.-E. Kalisch. Incident light microscopy of SSP chromosomes.