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Drosophila Information Service
Volume 7 (March 1937)

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Research Notes

Auerbach, C. Studies on egg shape and fecundity in D. funebris.

Bonnier, G. and M. Nordenskiold. Attached X’s.

Brehme, K.S. A method for counting the larval instars in mutant stocks of Drosophila.

Cochrane, Flora. Eye colors of D.pseudoobscura.

Crew, F.A.E. and Lamy. Notes on nomenclature.

Crew, F.A.E. and R. Lamy. The Px Inversion in pseudoobscura.

De Marinis, F. and A.H. Herah. Temperature effect on bar-eyed mosaics.

Howland, R.B. and J.W. Jailer. Microcautery of posterior pole-plasm and germ-cell determinants in D. melanogaster.

Howland, R.B., E. Glancy and B. Sonnenblick. Development of larval wing-thoracic discs on implantation in D. melanogaster.

Howland, R.B., E. Glancy and B. Sonnenblick. Interspeceific transplantation of wild type and vermilion eye discs in Drosophila.

Just, G. and F. Steiniger. Natural selection in D. Melanogaster (normal-winged and vestigial) on the isle GreifswalderOie.

Lapedies, D.L. The effect of ciD upon the facet number of Bar eye in D. melanogaster.

Neuhaus, M. Sterility mutations in D. melanogaster.

Spencer, W.P. Life history and control of laboratory mites.

Technical Notes

Altenburg, E. Stocks.

Demerec, M. Control of mites.

Marshak, A. Salivary chromosome slides.

Ono, H. Induction of mutations by electric current.

Shapiro, N. The method of studying the process of mutation in a limited region of the chromosome.

Spencer, W.P. A new technique for growing Drosophila.

Stalker, H.D. Mounting and handling dried specimens of Drosophilinae.

Williams, C.R. Collecting eggs and larvae.