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Volume 70 (July 1991)

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Abdelhay, E. and V.S.F. Braga. Internal calcium variation in Drosophila embryos during initial embryogenesis.
Aizenzon, M.G. and M.R. Stolia. Sequences of adeno-associated virus genome are non-mutagenic for Drosophila.
Alexandrova, M.V. and I.D. Alexandrov. Deletions of the coding sequences flank the inversion, but not translocation, breakpoints at the white locus of D. melanogaster.
Alexandrov, I.D. and M.V. Alexandrova. Cytogenetics of the cinabar mutations induced by different quality radiations.
Alexandrov, I.D. and M.V. Alexandrova. The genetic and cytogenetic boundaries of the radiation-induced chromosome rearrangements scored as lethal black mutations in D. melanogaster.
Ali, I.A., M.A. Hossain, and M.A. Salam. Alteration of methyl methanesulfonate induced mutation frequencies by treatment with actinomycin-D in D. melanogaster.
Ali, I.A., M.A. Hossain and M.A. Salam. Effects of caffeine and methyl methanesulfonate on the frequency of dominant and sex-linked recessive lethal mutations in D. melanogaster.
Allemand, R. Chromosomal analysis of the circadian oviposition behavior in selected lines of D. melanogaster.
Arbona, M., R. de Frutos and J.L. Diez. Location of DNA-RNA hybrids in polytene chromosomes of D. subobscura by indirect immunofluorescence.
Asada, N. Reduction of the frequency of the reaction mass formation by successive matings in Drosophila.
Ashburer, M. The vasa protein is not required for germ-line specific splicing.
Band, H.T. A correction on unidentified Chymomyza species no. 1 in Virginia.
Band, H.T. More on Drosophila overwintering.
Band, H.T. Literature on drosophilid cold survival.
Beckman, C. and C. Gryllis. Competition between wild type and shaker males for a single vigin female.
Bhakta, R.K. and A.S. Mukherjee. Replication cytology of polytene chromosomes in a sex linked recessive lethal [l4] in D. melanogaster.
Bigler, D. and E. Hauschteck-Jungen. No uptake of injected arginine in sperm nuclei of Drosophila.
BijIsma, R. and E. Bijlsma-Meeles. Induction of tolerance for ethanol in eggs of Adh null mutants of D. melanogaster.
Biyasheva, Z.M., M.O. Protopopov and E.S. Belyaeva. Some characteristics of mutations in sta and HM40 loci in the 2AB region of D. melanogaster X chromosome.
Brncic, D.  Inversion polymorphism in D. immigrans from the Strait of Magellan.
Budnik, M. and L. Cifuentes. Differences in sexual dimorphism between European and Chilean stock of D. subobscura.
Chadov, B.F. Recovery of rearrangements in Drosophila based on a nondisjunction test.
Chadov, B.F. and L.V. Omelianchuk. Tetrad analysis of crossing over in disjunctional and nondisjunctional chromosomes of Drosophila.
Chambers, G.K. Seasonal variation in Drosophila species diversity at a single site in Wellington, New Zealand.
Chatterjee, R.N. Puffwise analysis of the gene activity in the 4th chromosome of male and female D. hydei.
Chatterjee, S. and B.N. Singh. Mating behavior of D. biarmipes.
Cicchetti, R., G. Argentin, C. Idili and B. Nicoletti. A new allele at the PGM locus in D. melanogaster, detected by isoelectric-focusing (IEF).
Clark, MA. Modulation of CO2-induced paralysis in D. melanogaster.
Condie, J.M., JA. Mustard and D. Brower. Generation of anti-antennapedia monoclonal antibodies and antennapedia protein expression in imaginal discs.
Crossley, S. and J. Hirsch. Observations on the generality and possible ADH-association of geotaxic behavior in D. melanogaster.
Dalby, B. and K. O'Hare. we59 - an allele of the white locus which has an insertion of an F element in the proximal portion of the gene and does not suppress the effect of zeste on expression of white.
Das, A. and B.N. Singh. An inversion in an Indian population of D. melanogaster.
Davies, A.G. and P. Batterham. Analysis of an unstable insertion mutation at the lozenge locus in D. melanogaster.
Dunkov, B.C., T.G. Georgieva and K.H. Ralchev. Diaphorase activity associated with Drosophila xanthine dehydrogenase.
Eisses, K. The Notch and rudimentary mutants induced by female larval treatment with 2-methoxyethanol.
Escriche, B. and F J. Silva. Petridine deposition in in vitro cultured heads of D. melanogaster.
Etges, W.J. Seasonal variation among gene arrangements in D. robusta.
Falk, R. and S. Baker. Segregation of centric Y-autosome translocations in D. melanogaster.
Farkas, R. and G. Sutakova. Salivary gland cells of Drosophila may serve as facultative mycetocytes.
Feany, M.B. and R.S. Hawley. Nonexchange chromosomes produced by inversion heterozygosity and by meiotic mutants are both recognized by the distributive mutant, nod.
Fukui, H.H. Selection for fast and slow return of female receptivity produced a correlated response in pupation height.
Gallagher, P.D. and T A. Markow. Phototactic behavior and light-dependent mating in Drosophila species.
Georgieva, S.G. and T.I. Gerasimova. Deletion mutations and their reversions at the white locus.
Ghosh, M. and A.S. Mukherjee. Induction of hyper-hyperactivity in Oregon R+ males X chromosome by haemolymph proteins from In(I)BM2[rv] male.
Gibson, G. and W J. Gehring. P-element-mediated enhancer detection in imaginal discs and third instar larval brain of Drosophila melanogaster.
Hanah-Alava, A. Another aristapedia-dominant?
Harshman, L.G., M.M. Green, W. MacKay, G. Bewley and G. Edlin. Relative survival of catalase deficient genotypes on irradiated Drosophila food.
Hillesheim, E. and S.C. Stearns. Repeatability of life history traits in D. melanogaster estimated on standard medium.
 Hilliker, A.J., D.F. Eberl, S.N. Trusis-Coulter, C.B. Sharp, and B.J. Duyf. Translocations between chromosomes 2 and 3 of D. melanogaster.
Hirsch, J. and M. Holliday. Response to divergent selection for excitatory conditionabilty in D. melanogaster.
Homyk, T. Jr. Interaction between two ether shaking mutant strains produces a novel, age dependent behavioral phenotype.
Imasheva, A.G., O.E. Lazebny and N.I. Zhivotovsky. Quantitative wing variation in two wild populations of D. melanogaster.
Islam, M.S. The directional and relax selections for hatchability in D. melanogaster.
Ivannikov, A.V. Synantropic Drosophila species in the central Tajikstan.
Jaenike, J. Across-environment heritability of wing length.
Jain, J. and R.P. Sharma. Effect of neurotoxins on stambhs temperature sensitive paralytic mutants of D. melanogaster.
Joly, D., C. Bressac, J. Devaux and D. Lachaise. Sperm length diversity in Drosophilidae.
Kalsch, W.-E. Bibliography on the D. nastuta subgroup.
Kamping, A. and W. van Delden. Biochemical differences between (alpha)Gpdh genotypes in D melanogaster.
Kamping, A. and W. van Delden. Differences in hybridization rates between D. melanogaster and D. simulans from different geographical origins.
Khechumian, R.K., E.O. Mndjoyan, A.A. Galoyan, T.G. Bakayeva, L.I. Korochkin, O.A. Malevanchuk and G.N. Yenikolopov. Evolutionary conservation of the esterase S gene of D. virilis.
Khechumian, R.K., E.O. Mndjoyan, A.A. Galoyan, L.I. Korochkin, OA. Malevanchuk and G.N. Yenikolopov. The very high stability of the EstS locus of D. virilis.
Klarenberg, A.J. Regulatory variants of beta-galactosidase in D. melanogaster.
Kokoza V.A., E.M. Baricheva and A.V. Katokhin. Cloning and chromosomal location of conservative brain-specific sequences in D. melanogaster.
Kosuda, K. The tumor formation in D. melanogaster females.
Krebs, R.A. Body size of laboratory and field populations of D. mojavensis.
Lazebny, O.E., A.G. Imasheva and L.A. Zhivotovsky. Fluctuating asymmetry in a selection experiment: effects of directional and stabilizing selection.
Lee, T.J. and N.W. Kim. Drosophilidae collection from South Korea.
Leibovitch, B.A. Non-uniform distribution of mobile genetic elements along D. melanogaster chromosomes.
Leibovitch, B.A., E.V. Kurenova and O.N. Danilevskaya. High variability in situ hibridization intensity of the mobile element HopeI and of telomere-specific probes.
Leisner, J. Linkage analysis of the (alpha)-Amy and Pt-10 locus in D. pseudoobscura.
Lofdahl K., D. Hu and J. Hirsch. Partial reproductive isolation between lines of D. melanogaster long selected for high or low geotaxis.
Lofdah, K, D. Hu and J. Hirsch. Rapid response to divergent selection for geotaxis from the F2 of a cross between long selected high and low geotaxis lines in D. melanogaster.
Lozovskaya, E., V. Sheinker and M.B. Evegen'ev. New type of hybrid dysgenesis discovered in D. virilis.
Mal, A. and A.S. Mukherjee. The pattern of protein synthesis in the presence of puromycin in D. melanogaster.
Mal'ceva, N.I., T.Yu. Kozlova and I.F. Zhimulev. Cryptic polyteny in the giant nuclei of the gnu D. melanogaster embryos.
Malevanchuk, O.A., N.I. Peunova, P.V. Sergeev and G.N. Yenikolopov. The EstS locus of D. virilis contains two related esterase-like genes.
Martiniz-Ramirez, A.C., F.J. Silvan, and J. Ferre. Analysis of DOPA and norepinephrine in D. melanogaster by high-performance liquid chromatography.
McRobert, S.P. Drosophila species collected in Bozeman, Montana.
Mecheva, I. and E. Semionov. Location of ribosomal DNA in diploid and polytene nuclei of D. simulans and D. mauritiana.
Medina, M. and e.G. Vallejo. G6PDH and PGI in Drosophila embryogenesis.
Meera Rao, P. and H.A. Ranganath. Metaphase karotype of Zaprionus argentostriata.
Mestres, F. and D. Busquets. Peculiarities of the Va/Ba balanced strain of D. subobscura.
Miglani, G.S. Methyl methanesulphonate fails to induce recombination in D. melanogaster males.
Miglani, G.S and V. Mohindra. Phenotypic spectrum of recombinants induced in heterozygous males of D. melanogaster and their heterozygous sons.
Miglani, G.S. and V.P. Singh. Production of novel recombinant types in the progenies of male recombinants of D. melanogaster.
Miglani, G.S., V.P. Singh and K. Preet. Induction of recombinant with hyadroxylammonium sulphate in Drosophila males.
Miglani, G.S., V.P. Singh and K Preet. Hydroxylammonium sulphate induces non-reciprocal recombination in males of D. melanogaster.
Molto, M.D., M.J. Martinez-Sebastian and R. de Frutos. Location of the HSP70 gene in D. guanche.
Moore, R.H. and G.K. Chambers. Drosophila species diversity in the Wellington, Wairarapa and Horowhenua districts of New Zealand.
Mutsuddi, M. and A.S. Mukherjee. On the female-determining factors on the X chomosome of D. melanogaster.
Mutsuddi, M. and A.S. Mukherjee. Specificity of the interruption of X chromosome in determining male or female-level activity vis-a-vis level of compaction in Drosophila.
Naseerula, M.K., M. Jashankar and S.N. Hedge. Drosophilid fauna from Mashadeswara Hills, Salem Yercaud Hills.
Norman, R.A., H.M. Dunstan and W.W. Doane. Amylase gene family homologies in D. melanogaster and D. miranda.
O'Hare, K. On the identity of white-eosin and white-cherry.
Orr, H.A. The genetic basis of postzygotic isolation between D. melanogaster and D. simulans.
Oudman, L. and A. Kamping. ADH and (alpha)GPDH in relation to anoxia in D. melanogaster.
Paik, Y.K., C.G. Lee aned H.S. Yim. Southern blot hybridization of Korean strains of D. melanogaster to P element sequences.
Paik, Y.K., M.S. Lyu and C.G. Lee. Distribution of P factor activity and cytotypes in two Korean wild populations of D. melanogaster.
Paik, Y.K., H.S. Yim and C.G. Lee. In situ hybridization of biotin-labeled P elements on polytene chromosomes from a M/Q population of D. melanogaster in Korea.
Pandey, M. and B.N. Singh. A preliminary study on pupation site preference in D. ananassae.
Paricio, N., L. Pascual M.J. Martinez-Sebastian and R. de Frutos. Sequences homologous to P elements of D. melanogaster are widely distributed in D. subobscura.
Parkash, R. and Shamina. ACPH allozymic variation in Drosophila species.
Parkash, R. and M. Sharma. Heat stability polymorphism at ACPH locus in two Drosophila species.
Parkash, R. and S. Sharma. Atypical ACPH isozyme patterns in three Drosophila species.
Parkash, R. and M. Vashisht. ADH allozymic variation in nine Drosophila species.
Parkash, R. and J.P. Yadav. Low variation at a-Gpdh locus in some oriental drosophilids.
Peel D.J. and M.J. Milner. Karyotype analysis of imaginal disc lines.
Pineiro, R., J.l. Izquirdo, M.C. Carracedo and P. Casares. Preliminary results on selecting for female receptivity in D. melanogaster.
Pokholkova, G.V., L.V. Solovjeva and E.S. Belyaeva. Lethal mutations of the X chromosome 9F12-10A7 region induced by P-M hybrid dysgenesis.
Ponimaskin, E.G. and L.V. Omelyanchuk. A new case of rearrangement formation by post-replicative repair of X-ray damaged chromosomes.
Ponimaskin, E.G. and L.V. Omelyanchuk. Comparisons of frequencies of half-translocations and translocations induced in mature sperm of D. melanogaster.
Ponimaskin, E.G. and L .V. Omelyanchuk. Selection of half-translocations in mature sperm of D. melanogaster.
Protopopov, M.O., E.S. Belyaeva, I.V. Tretyakova and I.F. Zhimulev. Molecular map of the 2B region of D. melanogaster X chromosome.
Rancourt, D.E., B. Duncker, P.L. Davies and V.K. Walker. A flightless host for biological containment of P-mediated transformants.
Rasooly, R.S. and L.G. Robbins. Mitotic instability of a P-element ribosomal cistron insertion.
Regner, L.P., C.B.C. Bonorino and V.L. Valente. Note on the chromosome arrangements of D. nebulosa.
Riedy M.F., E.C. Toolson and T.A. Markow. Rearing temperature and epicuticular lipid composition in D. mojavensis.
Rim, N.R. Time and the allelism of lethal genes in Korean D. melanogaster populations.
Rodin, S.N., T.A. Kozhemyakina and D.P. Furman. Mobile elements as an influence upon the penetrance of the scute mutation in D. melanogaster.
Sakul, B.U. and H. Sakul. Detection of the effects of carcinogenic methyl methanesulphonate by a short-term Drosophila test.
Sharma, A.K. Genotype environment interaction for acid phosphatase in Drosophila.
Shorrocks, B. Coexistence on a patchy environment: a cage experiment.
Shorrocks, B. Distribution of clutch size and patch-leaving probability in D. melanogaster.
Shyamala, B.V. and H.A. Ranganath. Inverted gene sequences in three species of the montium subgroup of Drosophila.
Singh, A.K., and B.N. Singh. A new inversion in Indian D. ananassae.
Singh, B.K. and M. Bhatt. Feeding habits of some Kumaun Drosophilidae.
Singh, B.N. Chromosome inversions in D. ananassae population from Siliguri, West Bengal.
Singh, B.N. New translocation in Indian D. ananassae.
Singh, B.N. Special report: bibliography on D. ananassae.
Singh, K., R.N. Singh, and D.R. Kankel. How do the fine structures of neuropils of larva and adult differ in Drosophila?
Smith, M.T. and R.B. Huey. Ether and CO2 affect heat tolerance in D. melanogaster.
Sneddon, A. and A. Flavell. Copia transcript levels in cultured Drosophila cells are unresponsive to heat shock.
Sparrow, J.C. Veinlet is a recessive flightless mutation affecting wing function.
Stark, W.S. and S.D. Carlson. Comparison of the surfaces of "glnone,s" ocelli and compound eyes with those of several glass alleles.
Stevens, M.E. The phenotype produced by two dominant apterous mutations.
Sushmita, M., M. Ghosh and A.S. Mukherjee. Characterization of haemolymph tissue protein from the wild type and the mutant Mm [In(1)BM2 (rv)] of D. melanogaster.
Tripathy, N.K., K. Patnaik, L. Dey, B. Majhi and C.C. Das. Sevin is genotoxic in the Drosophila female germ line.
Turelli, M., S.H. Bryant and J.A. Coyne. Long distance migration of Drosophila 4. Effect of experimental design on estimating the movement of flies near a desert oasis.
Vaysse, G. and J. Hirsch. Conditioned inhibition of the proboscis extention reflex on lines of D. melanogaster selectively bred divergently for conditioned excitation: The stability of genetic differences across behavioral measures.
Vianen, van A. and R. Bijlsma. The effect of male mating status on remating of females mated to these males in D. melanogaster.
Villar, B., E. Garcia-Vazquez, A. Gutierrez and J.lzguierdo. Analysis of chromosomal polymorphism in D. melanogaster populations: Study by isofemale lines.
Vlassova, I.E., A.S. Graphodatsky, E.S. Belyaeva, and I.F. Zhimulev. Constitutive heterochromatin in early embryogenesis of D. melanogaster.
Vlassova, I.E., T A. Kozhemyakina and M.O. Protopopov. Investigation of transcriptional activity of the X chromosome 2B region in D. melanogaster under position effect variegation using DNA:RNA hybridiziation in situ technique.
Waddle, F., H. Monk and W. Williams. Linkage Data.
Wappner, P., F. Manso, J. Cladera and L.A. Quesada-Allue. Dark cuticle mutants of Drosophila and Ceratitis might be related.
Yadav, J.P. and R. Parkash. Drosophila collection from Northeastern part of India.
Zhimulev, I.F. and J. Szidonya. In vivo and in vitro puffing of lethal ft mutations of D. melanogaster.
Zhuchenko, A.A., V.P. Gorodetsky, L.P. Kovtyukh and A.B. Korol. The experimental analysis of the evolution of recombination in fluctuating environments.

Barnes, P. and V.C. Courreges. A technique for rapid collection of large numbers of replicate egg sets from multiple sources in Drosophila.
Bel, Y., E. Wilkerson and K.B. Jacobson. A method to collect large quantities of Drosophila larvae or pupae.
Bixler, A. and L. Tompkins. Sucrose density separation of Drosophila larvae from instant medium.
Boccaccio, G. and L.A. Quesada-Allue. A convenient micromethod for protein and lipid extraction from Drosophila and Ceratitis tissues.
Bouletreau-Merle, J. and O. Terrier. Punching flies.
Cockburn, A.F., H. Meier and M.Q. Benedict. A simplified procedure for embryo injection.
Cockburn, A.F., H. Meier, J. Cibrian-Tovar and D.A. Carlson. Monitoring of embryo injection using a fluorescent dye.
Dyby, S. and K. Kalthoff. Observing cell movements in live Drosophila embryos with scattered light contrast (SLC).
Eisses, K.Th. A multiple choice device for measuring larval and adult food preference.
Factor, J.R., L. Ehrman and B. Inocencio. A microinjection technique for drosophilids.
Farkas, R. Simple method for high efficiency pulse labelling of proteins in Drosophila larval salivary glands cultured in vitro.
Frolich, A. and F.E. Wurgler. The "High Bioactivation" cross for the SMART assay with the wing.
Graf, U., N. van Schaik and R. Pacella. Improved "High Bioactivation" cross for the SMART wing assay.
Gutierrez, A. A system for rapid morphometry of wings and quick selection for wing traits.
Harisanova, N.T. and K.H. Ralchev. Differential extraction of Drosophila histone fractions from polyacrylamide gels with dodecylbenzasulfonic acid.
Harisanova, N.T., K.H. Ralchev and M.I. Simeonovska. Quantitative determination of Drosophila histones using dodecylbenzosulfonic acid.
Hovemann, B.T. Construction of a random primed embryonic Drosophila cDNA expression library cloned into phage lambda-gt11.
Hughes, K. and J.G. Rux. A new device for assessing mating ability in male Drosophila.
Jacobson, J.W. Estimation of transposable element copy number by relative hybridization.
McEvey, S.F. TRACE - A method to analyse sexual interactions in mixed groups of unmarked flies.
Mukherjee, J. and R. N. Chatterjee. A technique for quick fixation of Drosophila for scanning electron microscopy.
Osgood, C., B. Powell and J. Wagner. An accurate and inexpensive Drosophila counter.
Singh, O.P. and W.E. Kalisch. SSP technique applied for EM genome analysis and photo mapping in D. nasuta.
Sved, J.A. Pushing flies on the PC.
Tompkins, L. A culture medium for adult flies from Hawaiian Drosophila species.
Waddle, F. A "Drosophila Kit" for the genetics teaching lab.
Waddle, F. Quick'n' simple Drosophila medium.
Waddle, F. Moldy instant media.
Waddle, F. Some stocks for the teaching lab.
Welbergen, Ph. A controlled mating chamber for video observation of Drosophila courtship behavior.
Welbergen, Ph. and P. Lankinen. A practical device for sound recording of Drosophila.