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Drosophila Information Service
Volume 8 (December 1937)

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Research Notes

Barigozzi, C. Study of salivary chromosomes through the ash analysis.

Bedichek, S. A spontaneous reverse mutation of yellow2.

Blanc, R. and G.P. Child. Reversal of dominance in the dumpy locus in D. melanogaster.

Brahme, K.S. A larval character in D. melanogaster.

Brahme, K.S. Effects of the triple-X condition in D. melanogaster.

Buchmann, W. Temperature experiments.

Cochrane, F. Color of testis.

Crew, F.A.E. and R. Lamy. Mosaics in D. pseudoobscura.

Dubinin, N.P., N.N. Sokolov, and G.G. Tiniakov. Crossing over between the genes “yellow” “achaete” and “scute”.

Dubinin, N.P., N.N. Sokolov, and G.G. Tiniakov. D. simulans for Adzharistan.

Dubinin, N.P., N.N. Sokolov, G.G. Tiniakov, and V.V. Sacharov. Unilateral chromosome conjugation in the salivary gland cells of Drosophila.

Hadorn, E. Pseudopupae.

Hollander, W.F. Bi thorax alleles.

Just, G. and F. Steiniger. Natural selection in D. melanogaster (normal-winged and vestigial) on the isle Greifswalder Oie.

Kaliss, N. Determination of the color of malpighian tubules in larvae.

Kaliss, N. The larval expression of the gene for yellow.

Komai, T. Collection of D. simulans from Japan.

Liebsch, W. Gene manifestation.

Morgan, L.V. A compound duplication of the X-chromosome of D. melanogaster.

Moriwaki, D. Drosophila repleta from Tokyo.

Neuhaus, N. Crossing-over in the bobbed region.

Serebrovsky, A.S. Interaction between the genes divers and yellow and scute.

Serebrovsky, A.S. On some newly appearing bristles.

Shapiro, N. The frequency of the somatic mosaic occurrence in males and females.

Surrarrer, T.C. Time of pupae case coloration.

Waletzky, E. A haploid mosaic of D. melanogaster.

Whittinghill, M. Salivary studies on translocation.

Zimmer, K.G. and N.W. Timoféeff-Ressovsky. Production of mutations by neutrons in D. melanogaster.

Technical Notes

Bridges, C.B. Concentration of moldex in culture media.

Bridges, C.B. On distinguishing larvae for salivary preparations.

Bridges, C.B. On the seeding of culture with yeast.

Buzzati-Traverso, A. Method for making salivary gland chromosomes.

Just, G. and F. Steiniger. Food.

Lüers, H. The use of the dominant Bobbed in the Y-chromosome of D. funebris in genetic experiments.

Medvedev, N.N. How to make Drosophila larvae immobile for a short time.

Medvedev, N.N. Pipette in Drosophila transplantation experiments.

Pollitzer, Otto. Crossingovervariabilität.

Spencer, W.P. Factors involved in oviposition.

Spencer, W.P. The use of cellucotton in Drosophila culture.

Steinberg, A. Micro-burner.

Tanaka, Y. and T. Takami. New food material.