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Volume 81 (July 1998)

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Bruno Contreras Moreira: Request for Materials- Stocks in Region 76-77 of Chromosome 3L

Frances Elizbeth Clayton: 1922-1998

Acharyya, M., and R.N. Chatterjee. Differentiation of the male specific internal reproductive organs of Drosophila melanogaster does not require the sex determining gene transformer (tra).
Amador, A., and E. Juan. Morphology of mouth hooks and anterior spiracles during larval development of D. funebris.
Band, H.T. Changes in mating duration in Chymomyza amoena stocks over time.
Breitmeyer, C., and G. Hocutt. Alternative feeding sites in desert Drosophila: fly-ant interactions.
Cerda, H., and A. Fontdevila. Evolutionary divergence of Drosophila venezolana (martensis cluster, buzzatii complex) on Gran Roque Island, Venezuela.
Crowley, T.E. Mutations near the Trf cluster cause a premeiotic defect in the Drosophila male germ line.
Etges, W.J. A new pericentric inversion in a natural population of Drosophila robusta.
Furman, D.P., and T.A. Bukharina. Transposable elements reveal crossing-over.
Gandarela, M.R., and E. Valade. Estimation of duplication time between genes scute and asense.
Hartley, S., R. Butlin, and B. Shorrocks. Preliminary results from an allozyme survey of Drosophila phalerata using cellulose acetate electrophoresis.
Hegde, S.N., V. Vasudev, V. Shakunthala, and M.S. Krishna. Drosophila fauna of Palni Hills: Tamilnadu, India.
Hodge, S., and P. Mitchell. The concentration of urea in the larval resource and its effect on larval performance.
Hodge, S., and P. Mitchell. The effect of resource quantity and water content, and atmospheric humidity, on the interaction between Drosophila hydei and D. melanogaster.
Ivanov, Y.N. Estimation of the number of spontaneous dominant lethal mutations in the genome of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster by the sex ratio.
Ivanov, Y.N. Estimation of the number of genic dominant lethal mutations in the genome of Drosophila melanogaster using ethy1methane sulphonate.
Ivanov, Y.N. Estimation of the number of spontaneous dominant lethal mutations in the genome of Drosophila melanogaster.
Jarman, M.G., and J.I. Collett. Siting the genes Dipleptidase-B (Dip-B), several 'recessive-lethal' complementation groups and the breakpoints of chromosomal deficiencies within the region 87F12-88B1 of D. melanogaster.
Jones, C.D., and H.A. Orr. Test of a Drosophila simulans balancer and a remapping of chromosome 3.
Koryakov, D.E., E.S. Be1yaeva, and I.F. Zhimulev. The new Drosophila melanogaster nonlethal inversion, arisen from the In(2R)bwVDe2.
Kosuda, K., and A. Sekine. The viability reduction as a correlated response to selection for body weight in Drosophila melanogaster.
Llopart, A., and M. Aguade. A new naturally occurring inversion in Drosophila subobscura.
Marinkovic, D., V. Stojiljkovic, and S. Stanic. The changes in fitness components in groups of D. melanogaster with different rates of embryonic development.
Noor, M.A.F. Courtship songs: a noninvasive method of identifying North American obscura-subgroup Drosophila males in field collections.
Noor, M.A.F., J.R. Wheatley, K.A. Wetterstrand, and H. Akashi. Western North America obscura-group Drosophila collection data, summer 1997.
Norry, F.M., and J.C. Vilardi. Wing asymmetry and chromosome inversions in Drosophila buzzatii.
Oliver, B., and D. Pauli. Duplications of ovo+ do not result in XY germline death or sex transformation.
Pavkovic Lucic, S., and V. Kekic. Drosophila (Lordiphosa) miki Duda, first record for Yugoslavia.
Polak, M., and T.A. Markow. A note on the feeding ecology of adult Drosophila nigrospiracula, a Sonoran Desert-endemic fruit fly.
Regner, L.P., A. Zaha, E. Abdelhay, and V.L.S. Valente. P elements in natural populations of Drosophila willistoni from different geographical origins.
Semenov, E.P. The mei mutations intensify rDNA mobility in polytene nuclei of Drosophila melanogaster.
Singh, B.K, and R.S. Fartyal. Drosophilidae collected from Chaubatiya Garden, Ranikhet, Kumaun, India.
Singh, B.N., and S. Lata. Variation in the number of males and females without apical black patch on their wings in laboratory strains of Drosophila biarmipes.
Sultana, F. Drosophilidae from Bangladesh.
Zak, N.B. A note on tailup.

Chan, H.Y. Edwin, and Cahir J. O'Kane. An easy and direct method for sequencing of high molecular weight cloned DNA.
de Melo Sene, F., and M.H. Manfrin. A chamber to record the courtship sound in Drosophila.
Farkas, R., G. Sut’akova, P. Danis, and L. Medved'ova. Useful antifungal effects of borate in Drosophila cultures.
Lin, J. A polytene chromosome arms spreader.
Reichhart, J.M., and D. Ferrandon. Green balancers.
Som, A., and B.N. Singh. No effect of marking flies either by nail polish on scutellum or by wing clipping on mating success in Drosophila ananassae.

MUTATION NOTES: Drosphila melanogaster
Williamson, R.L., B. Sun, P. Xu, and P.M. Salvaterra. Correction on the cytogenetic location of Nervana 1 and 2.
Zhimulev, I.F., E.I. Volkova, V.F. Semeshin, and E.S. Belyaeva. New cytological data on some chromosome rearrangements in D. melanogaster.

MUTATION NOTES: Other species
Krishna, M.S., and S.N. Hegde. A spontaneous mutation in Drosophila malerkotliana.
Sole, E. and F. Mestres. One-winged flies obtained again in D. subobscura.

Conference Notes: 39th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, Washington, D.C.