Special report: EDRC2001:  17th European Drosophila Research Conference. 2001. Dros. Inf. Serv. 84: 236-237..

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EDRC2001:  17th European Drosophila Research Conference

               The 17th European Drosophila Research Conference was held 1-5 September 2001 at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  The Organising Committee was Mary Bownes, Brian Charlesworth, Ilan Davis, David Finnegan, Margarete Heck, Andrew Jarman, Liam Keegan, Hiro Ohkura, Catherine Rabouille, and Kathleen Rothwell.  The host was the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, Univesity of Edinburgh, King’s Buildings, Edinburgh, EH9 3JR, United Kingdom.  A large number of presentations were given and summarised in a 274 page Programs and Abstract book.

Darwin Trust Plenary Lecture

Susan Celniker  (Berkeley).  The genomic era of Drosophila.

EMBO Lecture

Renato Paro  (Heidelberg).  Chromosomal elements conferring cellular memory. 


Lynn Cooley  (New Haven).  Ring canal dynamics during Drosophila oogenesis.

Other Plenary Lectures

John Abrams  (Dallas).  Cell death in flies:  circuits and programs that specify apoptosis.

Andrea Brand (Cambridge).  Asymmetric cell division in the embryonic CNS.

Maurizio Gatti  (Rome).  Genetic and molecular analysis of Drosophila cytokinesis. 

Ernst Hafen  (Zurich).  Insulin signalling and growth control in Drosophila. 

Jean-Antoine Lepesant  (Paris).  Temporal and spatial control of an ecdysone response unit.

Mike Ritchie  (St. Andrews).  Genetics, behaviour, and speciation in Drosophila. 

Alfredo Ruiz  (Barcelona).  The amazing reorganization of the Drosophila genome:  role of transposable elements.


Cells in Action During Development

               Organiser:  Alfonso Martinez-Arias (Cambridge).