Report from 43 Annual Drosophila Research Conference, and the Drosophila Board
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43nd Annual Drosophila Research Conference

               The 43nd Annual Drosophila Research Conference was held on 10-14 April 2002 at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center, San Diego, California.  The Program Chairs for 2002 were Kenneth C. Burtis (University of California, Davis), R. Scott Hawley (Stowers Institute for Medical Research), and Charles H. Langley (University of California, Davis).  The 2002 Organizing Committee was David J. Begun, Kenneth C. Burtis, Linda M. Hall, R, Scott Hawley, Deborah A. Kimbrell, John A. Kiger, Charles H. Langley, Jeanette E. Natzle, and Sergey V. Nuzhdin.  The conference was sponsored by The Drosophila Board in association with the Genetics Society of America, 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814-3998.  Large numbers of platform talks and posters were presented and summarized in a 456 page Program and Abstracts Volume. 

Keynote Address

Edward B. Lewis (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena).  The Legacy of Calvin Bridges.

Plenary Lectures

Ethan Bier (University of California, San Diego).  Using Drosophila as a vehicle for discovery in human medical genetics.

Denise Montell (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine).  Integration of hormone, cytokine and growth factor signals in the control of border cell migration.

Mark Krasnow (Stanford University).  Genetic dissection of branching morphogenesis.

John Carlson (Yale University).  Odor and taste receptors:  genetics and e-genetics. 

Andrew G. Clark (Pennsylvania State University).  title to be announced

Ruth Lehmann (Skirball Institute, New York).  Dissecting the Drosophila germ line life cycle. 

Matthew P. Scott (Stanford University).  Genomic approaches to mesoderm development.

Timothy Karr (University of Chicago).  A bacteria for all species:  Wolbachia infection of Drosophila stock centers (and your lab).

Mel B. Feany (Harvard Medical School).  Modeling human neurodegenerative diseases in Drosophila.

Terry L. Orr-Weaver (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  Developmental control of the cell cycle:  Variations in the regulation of DNA replication and chromosome segregation.

Elizabeth R. Gravis (Princeton University).  RNA localization and translational control in embryonic development.

Bruce S. Baker (Stanford University).  Sex comes in from the cold.

Tin Tin Su (University of Colorado).  How DNA checkpoints operate in a multi-cellular context.

William Theurkauf (University of Massachusetts Medical Center).  RNA localization and embryonic axis specification. 


Ecdysone Workshop

               Moderator:  Steve Robinow (University of Hawaii)

Federal Science Policy:  How Scientists Shape the Debate

               Moderator:  Michelle Grifka (California Coordinator, Genetics Society of America Joint Steering Committee for Public Policy, San Diego)

Mechanisms of Morphogenesis

               Moderator:  Susan Parkhurst (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle)


               Moderator:  Tony Ip (University of Massachusetts Medical Center)

Drosophila Population Genomics

               Moderator:  Trudy F. MacKay (North Carolina State University)

RNA Processing

               Moderator:  William W. Mattox (M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, Houston)

Signaling in the Eye

               Co-Moderators:  Nansi Colley (University of Wisconsin) and Kevin Moses (Emory University School of Medicine)

Stem Cells and Asymmetric Division During Development

               Co-Moderators:  Sumana Datta (Texas A&M University) and Haifan Lin (Duke University Medical Center)

Research at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions:  Institutional Research Philosophy and Expectations/Institutional Resources and Support

               Moderator:  Beverly Clendening (Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY)


               Moderator:  Timothy Karr (University of Chicago)


               Moderator:  Sanford I. Bernstein (San Diego State University)

Cell Cycle Checkpoints

               Moderator:  Tin Tin Su (University of Colorado)

The Drosophila Board

President:         Gertrude Schupbach

                              Department of Molecular Biology

                              Princeton University

                              Princeton, NJ  08544


Past President:  Steven A. Wasserman  (University of California, San Diego)

Treasurer:  Stephen M. Mount (University of Maryland)

Regional Representatives

               New England:  Claude Desplan  (New York University)

               Heartland:  Robert Boswell  (University of Colorado)

               Midwest:  Jeffrey A. Simon  (University of Minnesota)

               Mid-Atlantic:  Denise Montell  (The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)

               Southeast:  Richard G. Fehon  (Duke University)

               Northwest:  Susan Parkhurst  (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

               California:  Judith A. Lengyel  (University of California, Los Angeles)

               Great Lakes:  John Belote  (Syracuse University)

               Canada:  Paul Lasko  (McGill University)