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Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
Promoting & Empowering Asian & Pacific Islander Americans

  Ideas Discussed During NCORE 2007 (San Francisco) API Caucus   

Steering Com

Under the leadership of Vijay Kanagala and Simon Hara, the following ideas were discussed during NCORE 2007 (San Francisco):

      • More APIA sessions at NCORE; increase programs offered for next year
      • Balancing cultural and advocacy awareness agendas by student groups
      • Apathy among APIAs
      • Creating a sense of community: PAN APIA groups
      • Intra and inter group collaboration among student groups of color and APIAs
      • Asian American Studies Program: Future, issues/challenges, pipeline for APIAs
      • APIAs and identity development: “acting White”
      • Representation of APIAs in liberal arts and sciences: Ways to increase enrollment
      • Where are PIs in APIs? Strategies to increase Pacific Islanders at NCORE
      • Recruiting to attend NCORE
      • Invisible minorities on college campuses: PI, South East Asians
      • Diversifying curriculum: K-12 and post secondary, esp. humanities
      • Inter-caucus collaboration at NCORE
      • Issues related to APIA men, esp. PI men: unfair expectations
      • Race relations: Moving away from a binary paradigm (Black-White): How do we work towards a human race?
      • Mentoring and networking agendas need to be strengthened