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Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
Promoting & Empowering Asian & Pacific Islander Americans

  Ideas Discussed During NCORE 2008 (Orlando) API Caucus   

Steering Com

Under the leadership of Vijay Kanagala and Corinne Lodama, the following ideas were discussed during NCORE 2008 (Orlando) for possible coverage in NCORE 2009 in San Diego:

      • Issues specifically related to Pacific Islanders
      • Refugees and immigrations issues
      • Counseling and mental heath issues of API
      • Multiracial issues
      • Keynoter possibilities include Haunani-Kay Trask and Yen Le Espiritu.
      • Other major speaker names include Michael Omi, Derald Wing Sue, Stanley Sue, David Eng, Chandra Mohanty, Esera Tuaolo, Bill Ong Hing, and Maria Root.