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Marketing and Communications Team

Office of the Vice President

Mackenzie Dilbeck

Interim Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Media Relations

Kesha Keith

Director of Media Relations

Danielle Walker

Open Records Manager

Andrew Montgomery

Assistant to the Open Records Manager

Marketing and Digital

Erin Yarbrough

Associate Vice President for Digital Marketing

Dave Hoecker

Technical Architect

Kam Stocks

Senior Producer

Stephen Eppling

Marketing Brand Manager

Katy Koontz

CMS Manager

Steven Lee

Marketing Account Manager

Aaron Lindley

Marketing Account Manager

Franco Sui Yan

Community Marketing Specialist

Angela Nicholson

Production Coordinator

Mason Drumm

Video Producer

Drew Bernard

Video Producer

Ken Cole

Video Producer

Jesse High

Video Producer

Ame Aziere

Animation and Visual Design

Travis Caperton


Hugh Scott


University Events

Stacey Reynolds

Director of University Events

Helen Green

University Events

Julie Foster

University Events

Becky Heeney

Graduation Services Director

Support Staff

Lori Knighton

Financial Associate

Vivian Stevenson

Digital Marketing and University Events Support Staff

Laura Tiffany

Media Relations and Marketing Support Staff

OU-Tulsa Marketing

Tracy Kennedy

Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Aaron Anderson

Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing