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Cell Biology (Zoo/Bot/Micro 3113) Fall Semesters
The cell is often referred to as "the basic unit of life". The importance of the cell cannot be overemphasized. Cells organized into tissues perform all of the functions of life. Because of the importance of the cell to all of life, the goal of this class is to provide you with the framework to understand how cells work so that you in turn can better understand the biological world around you. (Prerequisites: Zoology or Botay 1114 and Chemistry 3013 or 3053)

Evolution of Development (Zoo 4253/5253) Spring 2011
This course focuses on recent developments in understanding the evolution of developmental mechanisms. We will concentrate both on the history of "Evo'Devo" as well as on current and recent investigations into changes in molecular mechanisms related to the evolution of novel characters. As a model for study, we will focus on origins and evolution of the neural crest and placodes, synapomorphies that define vertebrates. The course will be organized as a combination of lectures and student presentation of current literature followed by discussion of the papers presented. The goal of this course is for the students to gain an understanding of how novel characters may arise in animals that are derived from an ancestral lineage lacking such characters. (Prerequisites: Zoology 3013 and 3203, or permission)

Cellular and Molecular Techniques (Zoo 4970/5970) Spring 2012


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