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Geology and Geophysics

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News and Events:

Geology & Geophysics Updates

October 2017: Professors Lynn Soreghan and Michael Behm acquired seismic reflection/refraction data along a 2.5 km long profile in the Unaweep Canyon in Western Colorado to test the hypothesis of Paleozoic glaciation in the Colorado Plateau. The acquisition comprised 270 shot points and 500 mobile seismic recorders, and was supported by the Seismic Source Facility at UTEP and the PASSCAL instrument center. The dedication of CPSGG graduate students Feng Cheng, Anna Patterson, Pranshu Ratre, and OGS staff member Jefferson Chang ensured an efficient and successful operation.

Soreghan-Behm Trip

OU Field Camp Video

Recent Field Trips


Professors Matt Pranter (CPSGG) and Rex Cole (Colorado Mesa University) led a field trip for the Integrated Reservoir Modeling and Simulation course to the Piceance Basin of northwestern Colorado to analyze world-class fluvial and shallow-marine outcrop analogs for comparison to subsurface reservoirs.  Geology, geophysics, and petroleum engineering graduate students in the course will model and analyze subsurface reservoirs of the same formations in the Piceance Basin.

L. Soreghan Svalbard trip

Halliburton Awards Pick & Hammer with $20k Grant

Halliburton Logo

Halliburton awarded a $20k grant to Pick & Hammer Club to assist in their outreach efforts and to bring interactive learning of geosciences to students of all ages. Pick & Hammer provide teachers with Mineral Kits and educational tools to spark an interest in earth sciences both in and out of the classroom. Cupcake coring is one way our students illustrate the process of collecting samples in the field. To contact a member from Pick & Hammer, please visit their website: Pick & Hammer.

Mineral Kit with Haliburton Logo
P&H Elem School
Mineral Kit 1
Cupcake coring