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About Us

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About Us

The School of Geology and Geophysics, part of the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy, is located in the Sarkeys Energy Center on the main campus of the University of Oklahoma.  Founded in 1900 by Charles Gould, the School has been a leader in the Geological Sciences for over a century.  Today, the School's 23 full-time faculty and 9 emeritus and cooperating faculty mentor approximately 110 graduate students and 140 undergraduate majors.

The School of Geology and Geophysics has and continues to be a leader in education and research in petroleum-related fields.  We have graduated over 5,000 practicing geologists and geophysicists.  Today, the School continues to rank among top universities nationwide in placement of graduates in the energy industry. Over the last decade, the School has expanded into additional fields of geology and geophysics research. Presently, our research programs in geochemistry and mineralogy, crustal-scale geophysics, diagenesis, paleoecology, and paleoclimate are highly regarded in their own right and increase the scope of educational opportunities for our graduates and undergraduates.

The School mission is to deliver the highest quality education obtainable in the discipline and to prepare its graduates for successful and rewarding careers in industry, education, and government service. While maintaining the breadth needed for a first-rate earth science program, the School will further enhance its leadership role as one of the premier universities for research and career placement in the petroleum industry.

This statement conveys that we are focused on and recognized for petroleum-related research, education, and career placement, and that we remain committed to geoscience diversification. The School has a range of cutting-edge research labs, a broad-based education, and new areas of research and teaching excellence.

1st School of Petroleum Geology