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Graduate Programs

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Graduate Programs

The School of Geosciences offers four graduate degrees - Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.):  

Master of Science in Geology
Master of Science in Geophysics
Doctor of Philosophy in Geology
Doctor of Philosophy in Geophysics

Currently there are 110 students enrolled in our graduate programs (see Graduate Students under the People link). Our graduate degrees require students to complete courses in their area of specialization and conduct original research projects that will result in a Thesis (M.S.) or Dissertation (Ph.D.). While in the graduate program, students are under the advisement of one of our 20 full-time, Ph.D.-holding faculty members.

Along with their degree work, most of our students participate in the various opportunities through the School of Geosciences to network with future employers. The School hosts numerous companies each year that provide recruitment and presentation opportunities for our graduate students which result in internships and full-time careers.

For More Information Contact:

Graduate Affairs Committee
School of Geosciences
100 E. Boyd St. Rm 710
Norman, Oklahoma 73019 | (405) 325-3255

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Faculty Research Interests



Environmental Geochemistry, Geology, and Geophysics

Exploration Geophysics




Hydrogeology / Water and Energy Resources / Groundwater


Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology / Mineralogy / Ore Deposits

Low-temperature Geochemistry


Organic / Isotope / Petroleum Geochemistry