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Saeed Salehi


Assistant Professor

Office:    SEC 1110
Phone:    405-325-6829

Research interests: Well Construction, Integrity and Well Control; Wellbore Geomechanics, Human Factors, Drilling Optimization, Plugging, Abandonment and Decommissioning; and Deepwater Drilling and Technologies

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Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 2012
M.Eng., Petroleum Engineering (Well Construction), University of Calgary, 2007
B.Sc., Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum University of Technology, 2003


Saeed Salehi is a researcher with more than 15 years academic and industry experience. He has managed research project for Department of Energy (DOE), DOI Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enhancement, NSF (National Science Foundation), NAS (National Academy of Sciences) and several private entities as major operators and service companies. He has previous industrial experience working as drilling engineer and research experience in area of drilling, well control, near wellbore geomechanics, well completion and well construction. He previously worked on well construction design projects for the wells drilled in GOM OCS and in deep-water Mississippi Canyon. He has published more than hundred articles from which more than 50 are peer-reviewed. He has published numerous technical papers on different venues such as SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers), AADE (American Association of Drilling Engineers), ARMA (American Rock Mechanics Association), and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). He is currently serving as associate editor for Elsevier Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering in addition to being technical reviewer for numerous other Journals such as SPE Journals, ASME Journal of Energy Resources and Elsevier Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. His recent leadership role includes serving as Chairman of SPE Evangeline section, Chairman of Finance for SPE Formation Damage Conference and being involved as SPE officer with Oklahoma City section.

Awards, Honors and Professional Activities

  • Steering and Finance Committee Member, SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Formation Damage Control, 2015-present
  • SPE International Leadership and Past Chairman Award, 2014
  • Early Career Faculty Researcher of the Year, 2014, College of Engineering, University of Louisiana
  • Chairman, SPE Evangeline Section, Lafayette, LA, 2013-2014
  • Technical Review Appointments
    • 2012-Current Technical Reviewer for several SPE Journals 
    • 2010-current Technical Reviewer for Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering
    • 2013-Current Technical Reviewer for Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering
    • 2014-current Technical Reviewer for ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology

Selected Projects

  • Human Factors and Virtual Reality Systems (Sponsored by National Academy of Sciences) Website:
  • Cement and Seal Systems (Sponsored by DOI BSEE) Website:
  • Wellbore Integrity in CO2 Sequestration Projects (sponsored by DOE)
  • Casing/Liner while Drilling and Wellbore strengthening (Sponsored by private industry consortiums)
  • Development of Geopolymer Sealing Materials (Sponsored by private industry consortiums)

Selected Publications

Salehi, S.; Hareland, G. and Nygaard, R. 2010. Numerical simulations of wellbore stability in under-balanced-drilling wells. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Vol. 72, p229-235. 

Nygaard, R., Salehi, S., Weideman, B., & Lavoie, R. G. (2014, January 1). Effect of Dynamic Loading on Wellbore Leakage for the Wabamun Area CO2-Sequestration Project. Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technologies, Society of Petroleum Engineers. doi:10.2118/146640-PA

Salehi, S. and Nygaard, R. 2014. Full fluid-solid cohesive finite-element model to simulate near wellbore fractures, ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 137(1), 012903, Aug 27, 2014, Paper No: JERT-14-1003; doi: 10.1115/1.4028251.

Salehi, S., Khattak, M.J., Rizvi, H., Karbalaei, S.F. and Kiran, R., 2017. Sensitivity analysis of fly ash geopolymer cement slurries: Implications for oil and gas wells cementing applications. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 37, pp.116-125.

Salehi, S. and Kiran, R. 2016. Integrated Experimental and Analytical Wellbore Strengthening Solutions by Mud Plastering Effects, ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology, DOI: 10.1115/1.4032236

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