Undergraduate research assistants

We seek research assistants who are reliable, conscientious, and interested in learning about human learning and memory. There is no requirement for any psychology courses, background, or knowledge--we provide the information and training necessary for performing basic responsibilities as a research assistant. Research assistants have the opportunity to participate and receive training in the following tasks, based on their own goals and the needs of the lab:

  • Administration of experiments to experimental participants
  • Participation in lab meetings and discussions of experimental rationale, design, and results
  • Data scoring
  • Data entry
  • Data analysis*
  • Experimental design*
  • Programming of experiments*
  • Participation in preparation of talks and posters for scientific meetings and conferences*
  • Design and programming of computer simulations of human thought processes*

*It is entirely up to the student whether they want to participate and receive training in tasks marked with an asterisk. Participation in these tasks is absolutely not required, and we are happy to have research assistants who do not perform these tasks. Some of these tasks (e.g., those involving programming) require some relevant background knowledge.

All undergraduate research assistant positions are unpaid. Students may earn course credit or serve as volunteers. Click here to download an application.

Interested students should contact Dr. Daniel Kimball (dkimball@ou.edu) or Will Muntean (wmuntean@ou.edu) by email or phone: 325-7058.


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