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Seljuk history: Brief history of Seljuk people with links to terms not commonly known by laypeople

Armenian Links: links to various aspects of Armenian life including music, history, genealogy, economy, art, religion, travel and news.

Judaism 101- website devoted to explaining the different aspects of Jews- their race, their religion, their culture, and so on.

Odyssey in Egypt: This page describes the different ethnicities of Egypt including the Copts, Arabs, Bedouins, Fallahin, and Nubians.

The Living Africa: Website that describes the Berber people of Northern Africa. Links to photos, cities, populations, and language groups of Africa as well.

Turks- Very brief but informative description of the Turkish ethnicity. Describes history, location, and
populations of Turkish people.

International Turkey Network- Description of the Kurdish history and references to them in the Bible as well as general history. Describes current dilemma of being largest ethnicity without a nation.

A Brief History of Assyrians- In depth look at the Assyrian history, race, language, religion, and geography. Pictures and maps are included for explanations.

Encyclopedia of the Orient- History of the Arab people with links to countries, religions, and politics associated with them.

Ethnic Groups of Afghanistan- website with a list of ethnicities and links to key terms in their histories. Pashtun, Uzbek, Turkmen, Hazara, Tajiks, Nuristanis, Aimaqs, and Balochis. Also links to culture, photography, maps, and news.

Area Studies/Middle East: Link to summaries of the Berbers, Fellahin, Druze, Bedouin, Kurds, Armenian, and Nubians. There is a quiz at the bottom of the page to check your knowledge and a vocabulary list.

National and Ethnic Groups of Iran: Descriptions of their ethnicities, tribes, and migrations.

Baloch Page- website dedicated to all things Balochi. Sections on history, language, poetry, paintings, and songs.

The Faili Kurds Homepage- Website with history, culture, and plights of Kurdish group in Iraq.

Columbia Encyclopedia- History of the Kurdish race. Links to major events and people.

Encyclopedia of the Orient- Nubian webpage with history, key terms, and people explained. Countries in which they can be found are also included.

Turkmens.com- Extensive website with photographs, history, and links to other Turkish race sites. Jewelry, fold art, writers, and culture are also linked.

Copts.net- website devoted to the history, culture, and persecution of the Copts in Egypt. Current news links are also provided.

Institute of Druze Studies- Website describing Druze history, religion, and culture. Maps, diagrams, and links are included.

Ancient Civilizations- webpage that gives a history of the Jewish people and describes the culture and religion associated with them.

Circassian Homepage- website describing the non-Arab Msulim group that lives in the Middle East and Europe. Links to history, music, recipes, photos, and dresses.

Bedouin- Quick history of the Bedouin people and their status today in the various countries in which they live.

The Luri of Iran- webpage describing the Luri people, and includes religious practices of the members of the ethnicity. Noe- this is an evangelical site.

The History of the Arab People- Extensive website describing the history of the Arab people, their language, their writing, education, literature, and religion.

History of the Jewish People- Extensive website that goes through a timeline from the year 69 CE onwards. Also include alphabetical listing of key terms and people.



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