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Glossary of Islamic Terms and Concepts: information contained in the booklet Introducing Islam to Non-Muslims by Hussein Khalid Al-Hussein and Ahmad Hussein Sakr
Sayings of Imam Ali (AS): search the Shia homepage for the sayings of Imam Ali
Islam.tc: Directory, Quran, Matrimonials, Audio links, and a Imam Q & A link.
Encyclopedia of the Orient: Information on the Imam and links that contain information on specific Imams
Imam Khomeini's Year: the leaders message, historical decree, books, photo gallery, and media gallery.
Imam Moussa Al-Sadr: information concerning structure, beneficiaries, profile, programs, and news.
Imam Jamil Abdallah Al-Amin: advice on national rally, audio recording, special report on imam jamil abdallah al-amin, and the 3 parts on death penalty advice.
Islamic hardback and paperback books: Islamic audios, videos, books and artifacts for muslims and non-muslims
Amatullahs Webpage: words of wisdom, fundamentalists of islam, hajjib poem, and maxims of ali
Emam Reza Network: information on imam husayn (a.s.), marthiya (elegy), astan quds razavi, ulama, and miraculous healing
Khawaja garib nawaz: about khadims, how to reach ajmer, nazar niaz, great personalities, allah, and modern miracles.
khomenei's thoughts and personality: imam's biography, sayings, books, will, and photo album
IslamZine.com:sunnah and hadith, marriage, thought provoking, Ramadan, hajib, today's issues, Islamic virtues, bible, and knowledge



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