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Islam, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Religion: Resources for Studying Islam. Winner of many awards. Best overall academic site. Information for the study of Islam, Qur'an, hadith, the Sunnah, Shi'ism, Sufism, Islam in the modern world, militant Islam, Muslim women, Islamic art, architecture, music, as well as Islamic history, theology, philosophy, and Arabic and other Islamic languages such as Persian, and religion in general.

Islam Empire of Faith: This site contains information on the Islamic faith, culture, innovations, and profiles of important figures in Islam.

Al-Islam.org: An interesting site containing information on the beliefs and practices of Islam, history of Islam, and a site search feature which allows you to search the entire site for a subject.

Islam 101: This is an educational site about Islam, its culture, way of life, and civilization.

Alawites: The Nusayris of Syria, now called Alawis or Alawites make up about 12% of the Syrian population and are an off-shoot of Shi'a Islam.

The Institute of Ismaili Studies, founded by His Highness the Aga Khan, promotes scholarship and learning on Islam, with an emphasis on its Ismaili tariqah in particular, and a better understanding of their relationship with other faiths and societies.

Ismaili Web: Private website presenting much about Ismaili Islam

The Belief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam: This is a site for non-Muslims who wish to learn more about the Islamic faith.

Islam Glossary: This site contains a glossary for Islamic terms such as the Five Pillars, Allah, and Jihad.

Islam Questions & Answers: This site answers frequently asked questions about Islam including basic tenets of faith, Islamic politics and manners, hadeeth and its sciences, usool al-fiqh. It can be accessed in English, French, and Arabic.

IslamForToday.com: A guide to the religion of Islam, its history, the rights of women, and Islam around the world.

The Islam Page: This site is a in depth look at what a Muslim believes. It includes verses from the Quran and texts of the Quran in 18 different languages as well as many other links to information concerning Islam for believers and non-believers.

About.com's Islam Site: This site has Islamic calendars, information on Islam, and links to stores that sell Islamic books and media.

IslamCity.com: This site contains general information on the religion of Islam as well as providing links to Islamic shops, business, and education.

Mission Islam: This site contains information on islam, comparative religions, youth as a mission, and many other links including thumbnails of different Islamic art graphics

Rise of Islam: This site contains links to information on Islamic art and architecture, history, the crusades, sites for kids, geography and maps.

Association of Islam Charitable Projects: This is a website for an Islamic nonprofit charity organization that includes information on prayer schedules, accomplishments, schools, and literature.

The As-Sunnah Foundation of America: This is a website that provides free educational information on the religion of Islam, events, topics, publications, fatwa, Q&A, and prayer resources.

Islamic Books Online: This is the online site for a book distribution company that distributes Islamic books to English speaking Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

Islamic Book Club: This site offers Islamic books, audios, videos, CD ROM's, posters, and gifts.

Muslim Answers: This site contains links to Islamic teachings and looks at how women are treated in the Islamic culture and its relationship with the treatment of women in Judaism and Christianity.



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