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Faith and Practices

Ahavat Israel: Ahavat Israel is a site designed for Jews and those wanting to learn more about Judaism. This site also provides information for Jews wanting to move to Israel including apartment rental and personals. Site is biased against the labor party of Israel.

FaithandValues.com: This site is designed to promote spiritual experiences in everyday life using the internet and TV. The site is sponsored by the coalition of Christian and Jewish faith groups.

Gates to Jewish heritage: Jewish gates is a learning website it focuses on four topics, the Torah, Midrash, and commentaries, historical periods and personalities, Talmud by topic and the calendar and ritual practices.

Center for basic Jewish education: Talmud Torah is the name of this site that teaches basic Jewish practices. It explains the beliefs and outlines Judaism, the Torah, mitzvahs, the Jewish year, and more.

Jewish Sects

The united synagogue of Conservative Judaism: Conservative Judaism site called United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism provides contact with conservative synagogues and the commitments and observance of Conservative Judaism.

Society for humanistic Judaism: Humanistic Judaism a site that explains this alternative to contemporary Judaism formed in 1936

The Aishdas Society: Site committed to meaningful worship in orthodox Jewish community gives information on Orthodoxy. Even has discussion group.

Jewish reconstructionist federation: Jewish Reconstructions movement discusses the reconstructions movement and has a newsletter and education program.

Reform Judaism: The Reform Judaism site explains this form of Judaism and lists reform organizations, publications, policies, services and education programs.

The virtual website of the Sephardic community: Sephardic Judaism this site is a resource for sephardic Jews gives links to origins, genealogy, and food.


American guild of Judaic art: American Guild of Judaic art forum and referral service to help promote Jewish art.
The Hebrew university of Jerusalem's center for jewish art: this site documents and studies Jewish art from around the world.


Artist booking international: Artist Booking International books Jewish entertainers who do modern acts with traditional liturgical themes.
Famous jews interactive: visitors who vote for their favorite Jewish celebrities create this site.


Contemporary head coverings for modern jewish women: Contemporary Head coverings this site offers headbands and has essays on why non-orthodox women would cover their hair.
A1 skullcap co: A1 Skullcaps Co. this website is a site for a company that manufactures and distributes skullcaps, yarmulkes and benchers.
Kabbalah: Bnei Baruch Kabbalah provides resources and information about the Kabbalah




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