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Holy Qur'an Resources on the Net: Many translations in English and other Languages

The University of Virginia: The Koran: University of Virginia searchable text of the Koran.

Quraan.com: Site with English Translations and relevant articles as well as audio links.

Muslim Student Association Index Links Page: English translation of al-Quran with index links

Yildun.com: Downloadable Koran software. A graphical interface allows you to save, read and print the Koran in 21 different languages.

Del Heilige Koran: German translation of the Koran sorted by chapters.

WWW Belarus: Koran in Russian, clickable chapters

Kopah: Russian site for the Koran and Islam

Koran - The Ultimate Truth: A webpage concerning contradictions in the Koran.

Difficulties in the Koran: Contradictions and difficulties in the Koran with links to answers and quotes from the Koran.

Christian Resource Center For Islamic Studies: website comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity

Christian Data Management: The bible compared with the Koran

The bible compared with the Koran: Great site, with links to all aspects of Islam, with translations of the Koran in many languages, faith, acts of worship, dress and adornment, and the virtues of the Quran.

Qur'an and Sunnah Society: al-Qur'an Sunnah Society of North America. Information about Islam, the Qur'an, fiqh, manhaj, aqeedah, and ibaadah.

Islamic-Awareness.org: Articles about the Qur'an and informative links concerning orientalism, textual integrity, logical consistency, sources of the Qur'an, and Qur'anic studies.

Al-Islam: Holy Quran
Site features verses from the Koran in seven different languages.

English Translation of the Qu'ran; Recquires Adobe Acrobat ; Arabic transcript with English Translation of the Holy Qu’ran; includes a preface and transliteration by the translator.



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