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The Levant: Music, Song, and Dance: The website that focuses on the cultural riches of the Levant (Countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea between Egypt and Greece).
Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp: An American based Middle East and dance camp. Web site gives information about the camp, how to sign up, and location
khaleej.com: Khaleej.com is the premier Arabic online music store & is aiming to be the premier source for all Arab & Middle Eastern music, goods & services
About.com's Arabic Music: Music from the Arab world, including Arabic mp3's, music for arabs, and AMIS (Arabic Music Information Source).
The Art of Middle Eastern Dance: Belly Dancing and the art of Middle East Dance. One of the best belly dancing web sites, with poetry, translated song lyrics, a glossary of belly dancing terms, tips and tricks.
Middle Eastern Rhythms: Dumbek/Darabuka/Doumbec Rhythms. Middle Eastern Rhythms FAQ (rhythms for middle eastern dance for dumbek, dumbec).
6arab.com: A site which allows you to download middle eastern music, and receive music news, etc.
Maqam Music: Fine Arab and Middle Eastern music to buy over the net as well as information on forms and styles
Khafif: Middle Eastern Music and Dance links pertaining to performers, descriptions, photos, schedules, and classes
Arabic Music Internet Reference: Arab Music reference page with a search engine for Arabic artists.
Introduction to Rai Music of Algeria: information on Rai music, Cheb, Shikh, Shikha, Maddaha, Wahrani music, and samples of Rai music
Jewish Music Web Center: provides a forum for gathering and presenting information on acedemic, organizational, and personal activities in Jewish music today.
Abadan Music Page: Largest Iranian Music site on internet with over 800 songs from various artists.
BHUZ.com: website service dedicated to Middle Eastern Arts, belly dancing, with links to discussions, events, auctions, and further links.
Turkish Music and Lyrics Homepage: Musicians/Artists, institutions, samples, instruments, lyrics/chords, albums, music links, and music stores for Turkish music
The Arabic Music Page: Links to Arabic modes and rhythms, Laure Daccache, archived articles, and other links to music related web sites.
Mazika.com: Download Arabic songs from around the world
Desert Moon Dance Academy's Music Site: Describes the uniqueness of middle eastern music, and gives descriptions of Arabic music
Middle Eastern Dance Guide: An index to pages of potential male and female dance names, taken from a variety of ethnic sources. General information: belly dance mailinglist info, other general web sites, an image gallery and a variety of FAQ's concerning aspects of the dance.
The Music of the Maghreb: Music from Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia
Islamic Art, Music, And Architecture Around The World: links to various informative webpages dealing with music from the Maghreb to Pakistan.



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