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The Shi'a Homepage: contains links to the fundamentals of Islam, important muslims, textual information, Islamic organizations, and much more.
AL-SHIA HOMEPAGE: links to all aspects of the shia religion including the qur'an, hadith, ahlulbayt, ahkam, and library information.
Shi'ite Council - Lebanon: links to speeches, events, newsletters, and lectures from shi'ite leaders.
Islamic-Shia resources: this site contains information and links to photo galleries, Arabic lectures, the 14 infallibles, supplications, and the Islamic calendar.
Shiaa Follower: video, music, lectures, and supplication links
AhlulBayt Discussion Forum: chat forum on Shiite and Islamic issues
I. Khomenei official website: information on the biography of Khomeini, chat forums, Islamic laws, and links to the shia encyclopedia as well as to online books from the official website of Ayatollah Khomeini
Ayatollah al-Udhma Khamenei: information on the previous Ayatollah, Imam Khomenei, practical laws, and questions and answers
Al-Manar Television: Shiite television station from Lebanon
ShiaRadio.com: short wave radio address, will soon have internet broadcasting
ShiaNews.com: British news source concerning all aspects of the sect of Shia
Imam Ali: History and doctrine of the Shiite's first Imam, Ali
The 14 Infallibles: Biographical information and doctrines on specific Imam's and the Prophet as well as information on Iran and other Shia ideology
Ashura.com: history and information on Ashura, who is Hussain?, why remember Ashura?, and information on battles and a picture gallery
Hizbollah Homepage: militant Shiite organization funded by Iran. This website describes the groups activities, goals, and other important information
Midwest Association of Shia Organized Muslims: Chicago community organization website with information on events, activities, publications, pictures, video and audio segments are all available on this site.



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