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Belief.net: a guide and meeting place for discussion of all things religious.
Sufism-Sufis-Sufi Orders: Sufism's Many Paths, a guide to Sufism by Dr. Alan Godlas of the University of Georgia.
Sufism-An Annotated Resource Guide: information on background and intended uses, annotated bibliography, sources for books on Sufism, and a discography of sufi music.
Sufi Traditions:a brief outline of sufi history and traditions.
Sufism Journal Online: Information concerning science, psychology, and history for the purpose of Sufi training.
International Association of Sufism: global, nonprofit educational organization devoted to promote peace in the spirit of Sufism.
Sufi Women Organization: links about SWO, message of the founder, the SWO's code of ethics, accomplishments, projects, and events.
Sufi Youth International: links to information about the organization, members, membership requirements, projects, and events.
Sufi Order International: information on sufism, pir vilayat, mirshid, the abode of the message, the sufi community, coming events, publications, contacts, and various other links pertaining to Sufism.
The Threshold Society: links to the threshold, events, Sufism, mevlevi, and books.
The Sufi Literature Archive: translations, writings, and resources such as events, books, movies, and contacts.
Online Sufi Bookstore: Sufi books available over the internet
Rumi: The life and works of the medieval mystical poet, Rumi
InspirationalStories.com: Collection of Sufi inspirational stories.
Zen-Sufi Park: Inspirational poetry and stories blending Sufi Islam and Zen Buddhism.
Sufism in Indonesia
Australian Centre for Sufism:The Australian Centre for Sufism is a non profit organisation established in Australia for the purpose of raising the awareness of people to the presence of God in day to day life using the teachings of Sufism to define the journey of life. ACS was founded by clinical psychologist and initiated Sufi teacher/murshid, Fleur Nassery Bonnin.



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