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Radio and television: Brunei history of the state-run television service in Brunei Darussalam. State owned broadcaster, live telecasts.

Asiaco Brunei: arts, humanities, business, economy, society, and culture.

Asia Observer: Brunei: links to the arts, entertainment, business, and economy.


Links about this country's economy.

Government and Politics

Brunei Darussalam: Basic directory of basic information about Brunei, including tourism, business, and education.

Official Government of the Government of Brunei: current events, system of government, National development, plan, missions, cabinet, and Ministers, Crown Prince,


Brudirect.com: Local, international news, editorials, and events

Brunei News.net: english version of Brunei news headlines.


Sultan of Brunei: Describes the Sultans role and duties as the head of Islam in Brunei.

Religion for Brunei: About agnosticism/Atheism 1999 religious freedom report, statistics on religion for Brunei.

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