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Map from CIA World Factbook 2001

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Links about this country's cultures.


Chad and the IMF: Links to recent projects in Chad as well as statistics relating to its development.

Country Analysis Brief: Chad: The DOE report on Chad, including an examination of resources, energy use, and general economic status with country and economic overviews.

Strategic Road.com: Bilingual Site (French/English) documenting Chadian instutions and economic data with analysis, as well as business opportunities

Government and Politics

GeographyIQ.com: Government: Chad: Gives information regarding Chad's government. Additional links available to geography, foreign relations, military, etc. Notes and commentary also available. Thorough articles.


All Africa: Chad: Links to top news stories relevant to Chad from various newspapers. Also provides links to topics such as sports, health and economy. Also available in French.


Links about this country's religions.

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