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Asmarino.com: Best general information site. Gives cultural links to many relevant aspects of Eritrean life, including news, poetry, history. Also includes links to Eritrean cultural events around the U.S. and the world. Includes links page from Eritrean info

Lula Band: Website for Lula Band, an Eritrean musical group. Inlcudes pictures, international and tigrigna music, and history of the group, as well as links to other Eritrean, musical, and related sites.

New Eritrean Restaurant: an Eritrean restaurant in San Francisco

Languages of Eritrea: From the ethnologue. Provides information on the languages (living and extinct) of Eritrea with links to more information on each and suggestions for further research.

Images of Eritrea: Archives of images, sounds, and short movies of various Eritrean events from images of pre-historic archaelogical relics, to more recent current events.

Eritrean-Kunama.de: information about the Kunama people of Eritrea, including history, beliefs, land, language, and folklore. Also includes archives of previously posted articles and Kunama perspective on several topics


Common Market for Eastern and South Africa: site of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa organization, of which Eritrea is a member (click on "Country Details", then "Eritrea")

Government and Politics

Shaebia.org: official site of the ruling Peoples' Front for Democracy and Justice party. Additionally contain cultural and opinion articles and links to newsletter archives.

Meskerem.net: official site of the Eritrean Political Opposition party, which includes alliances, human rights, newsletters, and press releases. May require Geez font for top portion of front page.

Nharnet.com: Information on the Eritrean Peoples' Liberation Front and politics in general. Portions available in Tigrinia and Arabic

Viserit.com: in-depth discussion of Eritrean government and politics. Includes links to culture and archives. Discusses election and party laws as well as history.

Eritrean Jeberti Nationality: site of the Nation of Jeberti, a people of Eritrea. Includes the history, articles, pictures, poems and prose, and martyrs list. (Under Restructuring)

Ethiopia-Eritrea Conflict Homepage: a site with information about the Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict. Includes news, commentary, treaties, maps, and links. Additionally, provides governmental press releases from both sides.


Eritrean News Wire: "For Impartial and Objective News" Includes news on Eritrean issues, discussions of world news, the Eritrean-Ethiopian conflict, and archives. Also includes an extensive links page.

Dehai-News Mailing List Archive: up-to-date news from Eritrea and general information. Some information available in Arabic, Tigrigna, Tigre, Afan Oromo and Amharic. Also includes news mailing lists and discussion threads.

PanaPress.com: site of the Panafrican News Agency (click on the "Countries" drop down menu and select "Eritrea") Gives up to date news articles about Eritrea as well as access to news about other African countries and general topics of African interest.

YahooNews: Ethiopia-Eritrea News: Eritrean news from Yahoo! News. Focuses mostly on the Ethio-Eritrean conflics, but provides additional links to Ethiopian and Eritrean news sources as well as op-ed articles and audio-video media.


Eritrean Islamic Salvation Movement: (Also available in Arabic and Tigrenian) Information on Khalas (The Eritrean Islamic Salvation Movement), events and responses, news, national symbols, and studies and research. Provides links related to Islam, to Jehad, and to Eritrea. Also contains a FAQ page.

Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement: site of the Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement (Arabic)

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