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Family Life: A good website on family life in Ethiopia. Focuses on the changing demographics of marriage, including average age of marriage and financial factors affecting marriage in the poverty-ridden country. Explains how this factor of the culture is changing

Ethiopian Culture: A good link page on Ethiopian culture. Provides links in the main categories of art, facts and info, food, language, literature, music, people, and religion. The art page in particular provides many good links.

History and Change: A fantastic web-page detailing the history of Ethiopia and the cultural changes. Great information on the rise of Islam in Ethiopia and Modern Ethiopian history and culture.

Visit Ethiopia:Site containing Information on Ethiopian history, culture and environment. Information on Culture includes festivals, ethnic composition, religious composition, common foods, and literature. Also includes information on the major cities of the country. This is also a tourism site.

Cultural Heritage: A site that provides good information on Ethiopia’s cultural heritage. Includes information on some of its great past achievement


Comesa: Provides information on Ethiopian economy dealing with currency conversion, industry and trade information, customs regulations, etc.

Statistics: General statistics on the Ethiopian economy. Also provides some information about causes for the economic problems, such as the war with Eritrea, drought, etc.

Geography IQ: In addition to providing what general statistics are available, this site provides some good information on the principle products of the country.

New Africa.com Website providing information on Ethiopia’s economic growth over the last few years. Also presents general economic statistics for the nation.

Mbendi: A good article on the factors that have led to Ethiopia’s current economic situation, such as the problems of the war with Eritrea and the declining oil industry, as well it’s growth since market reforms.

Government and Politics

Ethiopian Politics:This website provides good information on the Ethiopian Government, as well as current and recent political affairs. Includes the text of the treaty with Eritrea, as well as much information on the war. A good introductory site for Ethiopian politics.

Ethiopian Parliament:The official site of the Ethiopian Parliament. Includes links to important offices, as well as general information about the government and current issues.

Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party:Official Website of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party. This site provides information on the current political realities of the country, though given from the point of view of only one of the political parties.

Ethio-Eritrean Conflict:Provides good background on the war with Eritrea, focusing on the causes of the conflict.

Overview of Ethiopian government:
Great site for information on the form of Ethiopian government and list of names of current leaders. Includes links to all branches of government and the Ethiopian Constitution. Also has links to political parties.


Ethiopian News Agency:Homepage for the Ethiopian News Agency, contains a news archive as well as a links page.

The Addis Tribune:Homepage for the Addis Tribune. Addis Adaba is the largest city in Ethiopia, and the capitol.

Ethiopia Daily: Online news page covering Ethiopian business, politics, and current events. Contains links to other papers available online.

The Press Digest:The Press Digest "editorial roundup" for Ethiopia for 2002, collection of a wide number of editorials from diverse papers on Ethiopia published so far in the year 2002.

Sub-saharan Informer:Daily on sub-Saharan African news. Contains articles on many different African nations, on both national and international levels.


Historical Development of the Ethiopian Church:
Site focuses on the historical development of the church and its ties to imperial Ethiopia, including a list of patriarchs of the Ethiopian church. Correlates political and religious changes.

Christianity in Ethiopia:
Link to information of the Ethiopian Christian Church and its relationships to the Muslim population, focuses on the modern church and other religious groups as they are today.

Religion in Ethiopia:
Site with a large number of indexed articles on the demography and geography and religious affiliations of Ethiopians, and a historical/cultural overview over their evolution

Islam in Ethiopia:
Site focuses on Islam and how it relates to other religions in Ethiopia, good introductory site. Fair number of photo




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