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Iranvision.com: A comprehensive site with links to culture, history, art, music, images, games, sports, news, forums, and many other informative links.
Kurdish Culture in Iran: A site dedicated to the promotion of Kurdish Iranians and humanitarian efforts.
Persain Poetry, Poets, and Poetic Art: Persian literature (in Farsi but page can be translated) and poetry with information on Persian Poets.
Stanford University's Iranian Culture and Information Center: Information on cultural and historical information on Iran. Also has an excellent historical overview with pictures, a touch-sensitive map in the geography section, and recipes and downloadable music files in the culture section.
Iranian/Persian Recipes: Several different recipes for soups, side dishes, main dishes, and deserts.
Worldwide Directory of Persian Restaurants: Worldwide Directory of Persian/Iranian Restaurants
Best in the World: Website for the traveler. Contains best places to stay, currency converter, best hotels, etc.
IranianMovies.com: This is a site (based in California) where you can buy or read about Iranian movies and music.
CinemaIran: Site about Iranian movies
IranOnline.com: World's largest Iranian web portal, with lots of links, news, art, literature, and chat rooms.
The Iranian: Music: A to Z list of Iranian musical artists in various genres, including pop/rock and classical/folk.
Iranian Art Foundation: Showcases work of contemporary Iranian painters, sculptors, and photographers.
Iranian Architecture: Great overview of Persian architecture with hundreds of pictures from building and monuments across the country.
Islamic Republic of Iran: Pictures: Dozens of pictures of Iranian landscapes, people, art, and industries.


Iranians for International Cooperation: U.S. trade balance with Iran. Includes IIC news, IIC resolutions, charters and missions
Department of Energy: Iran: History and the future of Iran's economy with links and information concerning natural gases and oil.
Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Mines: Iran Commerce Magazine, in the "Publications" section, provides economic data and international trade news. Also provides links to dozens on Iranian businesses. (Available in English and Persian)

Government and Politics

Islamic Republic of Iran: Washington D.C: Iranian embassy in the U.S. with visa, passport, and student affairs information
PersianOutpost.com: A site on the top political players in Iran, specifically who's who in Iranian politics.
Students Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran: A look at the student movement for democracy in and outside of Iran.
Communist Party of Iran: A look at the communist views of Iran.
Government: The official government site of Iran.
President M. Khatami: The biography and personal data on President M. Khatami.
American Iranian Council: A catalyst for change through dialogue and understanding between the U.S. and Iran.
Kurdistan Organization of the Communist Party of Iran-Komala: Political background, tactics, and struggle of a factional party.
Flag of Freedom Organization of Iran: An underground nationalist movement that advocates the establishment of Parliamentary democracy in Iran
Iranian Human Rights Working Group: Human rights in Iran; issues include women, death penalty, stoning, etc.
Maryam Rajavi: Maryam Rajavi's fight against fundamentalism, Islam and women's rights
Foundation for Democracy in Iran: This is the website for the Foundation for Democracy in Iran. They oppose the current government because of its corruption, oppression, and human rights abuses. I think that they are actually located outside the country because of fears of reprisals.
Iran-e-Azad: This is the webpage for the supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. It contains a lot of information about the social and economic devastation in the country, as well as the country's history.
Green Party of Iran: The website for the Green Party of Iran.
Democracy Network of Iran: Website that voices the opinions of pro-democratic persons. The site has been temporarily suppressed, but may launch again.
Salam Iran: This is a government site. Contains information on politics, foreign policy objectives, culture, and embassies.
Iran Tourism and Touring Organization: Contains information on Iranian currency, geography, and traveling.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Site that contains the foreign policy, information about Iran, and consular information.
Net Iran: General information about the country's history, government, and daily news.
Iran Mania Search Engine: In the "Government & Politics" section, there are basic biographies of quite a few of the top Iranian officials, including the current President, Mohammad Khatami, and Ayatollah Khamenei.


Iran Web list: A web directory to many Iranian news, public and private, publications.
Bad Jens: A site featuring women's publications and related news concerning feminist issues in Iran.
Iran Institute: Iran newspaper in Farsi
Iran Press Service: a fully independent and private newsgathering
EchoIran.com: oldest English language news bulletin, a unique and outstanding source of information on Iran and its affairs, also features "Who's Who"- a biography of Iranian personalities
Iran Daily: This is an Iranian newspaper written in English. The site includes links to past issues.
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting: This is the government-run broadcasting company's website
Association of Iranian Journalists: Website for the Association of Iranian Journalists
Tehran Times: Website for International Iranian Daily Newspaper.
Iran Expert: Website that has world news stories on Iran, and articles on its economy, culture, and oil.
Islamic Republic News Agency: A government-sponsored English-language news outlet with links to news, local press, photos, occasions, radio, and television.
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting: One of the more extensive and functional of the online news sites, including international, business, religion, and science sections, among others.
The Iranian: Webguide: An guide of newspapers, magazines, and television and radio stations in or about Iran.


Persian Religious links: A comprehensive site with links to many religious sites.
Judaism in Iran: A great site with many links concerning Jews in Persia.
Iran Project: about Islam and religion in Iran featuring audio
The Shi'a Homepage: The homepage of Shi'a Muslims. Contains enormous amount of information on Shiites, their history, and the fundamentals of Shi'a beliefs and other related links.
Rabbanyyun: This is an Islamic site that argues against many of aspects of Shittism.
Al-Islam.com: Part of this site deals with the Sunnah, from both Sunni and Shite perspectives.
Zarathushtra: Includes information on Zarathushtra, founder of Zoroastrianism, which began in ancient Persia, and still has followers today. Explains the basic philosophy and some of the teachings of the faith.
The Nimatullahi Sufi Order: This site discuss Sufism, or Islamic mysticism. As this site details, the Prophet was considered the first Sufi master.

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