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Iraqi Papers: Arabic and English news about Iraq from American media sources, as well as music, pictures, poems, and short stories.
Iraqi History: Lengthy history of Iraq, including the Abbasid Caliphate, the Mongol invasion, British influence, and Saddam Hussein's current reign.
Iraq.net: links to downloadable Iraqi music, pictures, and chats.
IraqiPages.com: Old Documentary Pictures of Iraq the Land & the People. Links to music, news room, and links directory.
IraqiArt.com: Music, paintings, and poetry from Iraq, mostly in Arabic.


Iraq Resource Information Sit: Iraq Resource Information Site- Basic overview of the current economic condition of Iraq with links to other aspects of Iraqi history and society

Government and Politics

Juan Cole * Informed Comment Best website covering politics in Iraq since the invasion. Updated daily by leading scholar on Iraq.

The Iraqi Presidency: website that gives short biography of Saddam Hussein, copies of his speeches and meetings, and a link to synopses of current Council of Minister sessions.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: link offering the activities of Iraq in relation to their international organizations and relations with other countries.
National Monitoring Directorate: Iraq's Council regarding the inspection of weapons as a result of the Persian Gulf War.
Iraq Tourism Board: Ministry of Tourism- State link for tourists of Iraq. Historic sites, visas, and accomidations can be made through the website.
General Federation of Iraqi Women: General Federation of Iraqi Women- Pro-Hussein organization promoting women's rights in Iraq.
The Constitutional Monarchy Movement: website dedicated to Sharif Ali bin AlHussein and instituting him as the sole monarch of Iraq.
Iraqi National Congress: the main opposition party in Iraq, with articles critiquing Iraqi policy and an online television broadcast.
Kurdistan Democratic Party: ethnic-based party with a presence in multiple countries. Focuses policy to increase representation and protection of the Kurds in each government. News and press releases are also available.
Permanent Mission of Iraq to the U.N., New York: website for Iraq's delegation to the UN. Recent news releases, speeches and statements by Saddam Hussein.


Shia News: website about Shi'a Muslims and news around the Shi'a world. Links to debates between Shi'a and Sunni Muslims.
Iraqi News Agency: Main Iraqi news site, providing state sponsored news about both domestic and international issues.
Iraqi Daily: Ministry of Information's newspaper website.
Nabdh Al-Shabab Al-Arab: Iraqi newspaper (Arabic).
Nahrain: Iraqi News site with daily updates and scrolling bulletins. (Arabic)


Ansar.org: website dedicated to refuting the Sunni tradition in Islam with Quranic and Hadith evidence.
IslamCity.com: Islamic website with Quraic and Sunnah tools. It also has Radio-Islam audio files and links to other resources.
Talk Islam: Website with cultural, religious, and political resources related to Islam.
IslamOnline.net: Muslims.Net- website giving news related to Muslims around the world. Also gives polls, information, and counseling with Islamic foundations.

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