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Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Detailed travel information for the Palestine region including reports on airports, car rentals, and points of interest

Palestine – Home of History Media-intensive look at the histories of Palestine and Israel including photographs, audio clips, and video presentations

EretzYisroel.Org History of the Land of Israel, including the Arab-Jewish conflict, told through essays, photographs, and newspaper articles

Infoclick.org: A resource for information on the Middle East conflict Video presentation of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict; available in multiple languages

The Department for Jewish Zionist Education Historic and modern information regarding the Zionist movement; includes ideologies, maps, timelines, and a Zionist glossary

Welcome to Palestine Explores modern life in Palestine including culture, politics, education, and business; detailed tourist information is also available

Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS) Independent publisher of documents concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict; journals and books can be ordered from the website

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs Independent analysis of Israeli policies, including those directed at Arabs, by various Israeli intellectuals

Israel on Campus Coalition Organization promoting Israel education in U.S. universities; includes contact information for Israeli groups on U.S. campuses

UT Library Online – Perry-Castaneda Map Collection – Israel Maps Historical and modern maps of Israel

Jewish Virtual Library Online library of Zionist history including publications regarding U.S.-Israeli and Arab-Israeli relations

Israel Science and Technology Homepage Articles and links regarding Israeli culture including history, education, and the Arab-Israeli conflict

Israel Defense Forces Current information regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict including statistical data and reports on Palestinian terror groups

Palestine Facts Home Page History of Palestine; includes analyses of modern geography and population

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy Contains a Middle East section that includes documents regarding the creation of and conflict over the Israeli lands

IRIS: Information Regarding Israel’s Security Analysis of the Arab-Israeli conflict including a large collection of illustrative and comparative maps

Israel Ministry of Tourism Detailed travel information for Israel including listings of events, conventions, and accommodations

Daily Alert Daily statements issued by the Israeli government regarding terrorist issues

Hope for Israel Pro-Israeli site with information on Jewish songs, temples, poetry, and politics.

Israel in Figures. Another Central Bureau of Statistics site. Includes various economic statistics covering national economy, industry, agriculture,


The Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel) Israeli state site with statistics of the economy, demographics, and society.

Government and Politics

Israeli Government Gateway Links to all Israeli government departments including tourism, foreign affairs, education, and immigration

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Israel’s official stand on foreign issues including Islam and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; site is frequently updated

Question of Palestine at the United Nations UN website exploring the “Question of Palestine”; includes copies of UN resolutions and meetings that address the issue of Palestine

United States Embassy in Israel U.S. viewpoints on the Arab-Israeli conflict including the policies of the U.S. government and reports of U.S. officials

Embassy of Israel – Washington, D.C.Information regarding U.S.-Israeli relations; includes Israeli approaches to Arab terrorism


Ha’aretz – English Daily Israeli newspaper reporting on business, arts, tourism, real estate, etc.

Israel News: Jerusalem Post Internet Edition Israeli newspaper reporting on business, cultural events, terrorist attacks, etc.

Globes [Online]: Business and technology news from Israel Daily Israeli economic newspaper reporting on market prices, real estate, technology, etc.


Synagogues A comprehensive database to synagogues worldwide. Includes contact information.



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