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Israeli Controlled Territory

Map from CIA World Factbook 2001

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History of the Gaza Strip: Overview of the history of the occupation of the Gaza Strip dating back to the 13th centuries

About the Gaza Strip: Information about the economy, defense, geography, government and people of the Gaza Strip.

The Palestine Monitor: a fact sheet about what a controlled territory is and the negative impact on the Palestinians of being a controlled territory.

The Golan Heights Information Server: News of current events within the Golan Heights, demographic information, message board.

Golan Heights Travel Guide: What you need to know to travel to the Golan Heights

Settlement Database: Comparative populations across the Golan Heights for 1999, 2000 and 2001.

Alternative Information Center’s Golan Heights fact sheet: Population before and after Israeli occupation, average rainfall, organizations active within the area, Israeli and Syrian populations.

Environmental Profile of the West Bank: Looks at each of the eight districts within the West Bank.

Consular Information Sheet regarding Israel, the West Bank and Gaza: Updated entry/exit travel requirements and travel warnings to the area.

Lines in the Sand: National Geographic feature article on West Bank and Gaza and the Israeli occupation of these territories.

About the West Bank Country Reports General information about the West Bank: economy, government, defense, people, and geography.

The Golan Heights Travel and Information Guide: Page that covers travel information and accommodations, along with briefs about the climate, geography, history, and the flora/fauna of the area.

Visit Gaza Guide to Gaza travel, cultural centers, restaurants, hotels, shopping and tours.

Palestine Sports Project Covers sports in the Occupied Territories.

ilMuseums.com: Guide to museums in Israel, including museums in Jerusalem and Golan.

Languages of Palestinian West Bank and Gaza: History of living and extinct languages of the region.

West Bank School of Music Home page of West Bank School of Music.

Birzeit University: Homepage of Birzeit University in Birzeit, Palestine (West Bank). BZU is the first institution of higher learning to be established in Palestine.


Golan Heights Winery: Information about the Golan Heights Winery.

Palestine Chamber of Commerce: Gaza Strip: Trade, Industry and Agriculture in the Gaza Strip

Palestinian Economic Council for Development & Reconstruction (PECDAR) Anti-Israeli site striving to analyze the economic ramifications of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory.

Gaza Strip Economy 2001 General facts and figures about Gaza Strip economy.

Government and Politics

Gaza-Jericho Agreement: The text of the peace agreement between Israel and the Gaza Strip

Human Rights Watch report on Israel-Gaza Strip relations: Looks at the violations from both sides of the argument

Maps of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip: detailed maps of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

Maps of the Golan Heights: Various maps of the Golan Heights.

Peace Encyclopedia on the Golan Heights: Frequently asked questions about the middle east peace process and the impact on, relevance to the Golan Heights.

Occupation map of the Golan Heights: Detailed map showing the various stages of occupation since 1967.

United Nations Security Resolution regarding the Golan Heights: UN debate on whether Israel should withdraw to the 1949/1967 lines.

The Golan Heights Law: The text of the law passed by the Knesset that placed the Golan Heights under Israel’s legal domain.

The Israeli-Palestinian Interim agreement on the West Bank and Gaza Strip (September 28, 1995): Text of the peace agreement made in Washington, D.C.

United States Committee for Refugees information on the Gaza Strip: Online reports on the refugee status within the Gaza Strip from 1997 to the present.

Israeli ministry of foreign affairs Political information.

UNISPAL: United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine This site provides full-text documents of the UN system relevant to the issue of Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

FMEP Maps Excellent collection of political and demographic maps of Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, Jerusalem, and settlements.

Embassy of Israel Public Affairs: The Current Situation in Israel. FAQ from the Embassy of Israel explaining Israel's positions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Connected Globe: Palestine. Links to various political issues concerning Palestine.

Web Golan: English edition of Web Golan: Golan Heights Information Server. Contains political and cultural information about the disputed territory of Golan Heights.


Online resource page for Palestinian issues: Includes histories of the conflict and a link to http://www.CNN-SUCKS.org, a site which fights the (alleged) misinformation about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

GazaNews.com: Online Gaza news site.

The Jerusalem Times Internet Edition: East Jerusalem independent Palestinian weekly news.

Jerusalem Post Daily online newspaper.

Palestine-Israel Journal Quarterly journal published in Jerusalem jointly sponsored and jointly edited by pro-peace Palestinians and Israelis. Contains serious analyses of peace-related issues.

Palestine Monitor: Pro-Palestinian web news and information.


The Noble Sanctuary:
Online Guide to Al-Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem, which includes the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

Islamic Civilization: General interest page about Islamic religion and civilization (not Palestinian-specific).

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