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Jordan's Cultural Corner: A very versatile site; contains elementary phrase in Arabic, cultural dos and don'ts, and information on museums and the arts.

Jordan index: Site by Jordan Cooperative Group Services. Organizes links in an internet directory of Jordan as well as a topical index. Includes links to banks, construction, consultation services, education, exhibitions, health, industry, and many more informative links in various categories.

Discover Jordan: Offers detailed information about a broad number of topics of interest, including culture, economy, history, geography and government. Very useful, but may have display issues with some browsers.

In Memory of King Hussein I: A website in memory of King Hussein I, the father of modern Jordan. Offers access to biographical information about this former head of state, the Hashemites, and Jordan in general. Additionally, "The Library" contains speeches made by King Hussein I as well as documents such as the National Charter and the Jordanian Constitution (Direct link to "The Library" listed under Government/Politics.)

Jordan - the ancient holy land: Pictures and descriptions give tour of the regions of Jordan. Also includes information about travel, history and other points of interest in culture. Available in four languages.

Jordan Travel Exchange: information on hotels, restaurants, museums, and travel agents.

University of Jordan:the official website of the university of Jordan.

Ministry of Education: an image gallery, general directorate of examination, and focul point.

Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation: Provides information on Jordan and Arab artists and is a home for the arts and artists within the Jordan and Arab world. Modern visual and performance arts in Jordan.

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah: The Queen of Jordan's official website. Contains information about policies of interest, her schedule of events, and her profile. Very informative.

Ministry of Culture: Information on ethnic and religious groups. English site currently under construction. Arabic available.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Department of Palestinian Affairs: links to who they are, Palestinians in Jordan, refugee camps, camp photos, services, news, and reports on the camps.

Jordan DevNet: directory of development organizations including many links to different topics with in Jordan

Discover Jordan: Travel and tourist information

Archaeology in Jordan: Listing of archaeological digs within Jordan as well as a link to the ministry of tourism and antiquities

Jerash Festival: Information about poets, musicians, and artists, also has live radio link from this annual festival

Arab Art Gallery: Contains examples from many popular schools of modern Arabic art


Amman Stock Exchange: companies, foreign investment, market information, laws and regulations, market performance, and broker members.

Ministry of Industry and Trade Jordan: Industrial development directorate, foreign trade policies, economic cooperation and queries.

Jordan Export Development and commercial centers cooperation: news and events, trade fairs, export directory, workshops, trade statistics, annual reports, agreements, ongoing projects, and business links.

Aqaba: Industries within Aqaba, tourism, travel, and other links that pertain to the Jordanian port.

Jordan Customs Department: Links to laws and regulations, tariffs, procedures, news, publications, and related links.

Government and Politics

H.M. Queen Noor of Jordan: international commitments, education, children, international women's project, king Hussein foundation, noor al-hussein foundation, environmental conservation, and national women's organizations links.

National Information System: Excellent website containing links to many aspects of Jordan, A good general website

Government of Prime Minister Ali Abul Ragheb: Site that contains information of the government officials In Jordan

King of Jordan Official Website: The Official website of King Abdullah II with links to initiatives, press room, the Hashemites, Royal Court and Palaces, and information about Jordan.

Al-Urdun Al-Jadid Research Center: addresses major political, social, and economic issues and aims to achieve integrated sustainable development in Jordan and the Arab world

Embassy of Jordan, Washington D.C.: the ambassador, embassy staff, information bureau, consular office, commercial center, military office, and tourism board.

The Library: The cyber-library of Jordan. Offers access to speeches and letters by King Hussein I as well as documents of national interest such as the National Charter and the Constitution of Jordan. Additional archives available.

The National Assembly: The Jordanian Parliament website. Offers links to its history, current duties and news & events


The Jordan Times: The official paper of Jordan. Links to various articles from different time periods.

The Star: Jordan's political, economic, and cultural weekly

Jordan Radio and Television Corp. Official Web Site: Radio and television links (under construction).

Baladna Information Network: online news magazine with links to business, shopping, kids, tourism, and the classifieds.

MEMRI: Jordan: The Middle East Media Research Institute Site. Provides translations of recent Arabic. Farsi, and Hebrew media as well as analysis of current trends in the region. Several other countries to choose from.


Al-Islam: the history and prayers of islam as well as links to the infallibles and a site search.

Holy Sites of Jordan: Recounts history of Jordan in the early years of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This site also offers descriptions of sites of pilgrimage or other importance for each of the three religions.

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