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Welcome to Kazakhstan: Architecture, national cooking, traditional jewelry, wild nature, weather, etc… & other links.
Structure of Education in Kazakhstan: information on education levels and ages, arts and humanities, business and economics, engineering, MBA, science, and country profiles
National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan: about the library, guidebook, collections, catalogue, links, and services


Kazakhstan Stock Exchange: up to date stock quotes, issues, markets sectors, news, financial market news, and reviews.
national bank of Kazakhstan: foreign trade regulations, daily financial information, monetary policy, economic and financial indicators, and information on the insurance market.
U.S. energy information administration: Kazakhstan: States the importance of the Kazakhstan on world energy markets due to it's significant oil and natural gas reserves as well as links to other topics in Kazakhstan's natural resources.
Union of chambers of commerce and industry: lists the major offices, information on the structure of the UCCI RK, evaluation of the economy by the UCCI RK, and information on international activity and small business'.

Government and Politics

Official Kazakhstan: Extensive site covering many area's of Kazakhstan: The State, Economy, Culture, History, Science Education, etc…..


Kazakhstan news: News website containing sections on Business, Enviroment, Internet, Politics, Science, Sports, and Technology.
The Globe: Kazakhstan newspaper - The globe translated into English and Russian
The Almaty Herald: Kazak newspaper site with information on oil networks and links to oil magazines and to the Asian Express.
The Kazakhstan Freenet: a web links page to official government pages, ministries and departments, international programs, cities, regions, health, media, and education


Links about this country's religions.

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