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The Kuwait Information Office: This is the home page for the Kuwait Information Office in Washington, DC. It is a well-rounded, informative, and complete site that includes photos, travel info, business info, and lists of resources for further information.
Kuwait Multimedia Center: This is a web radio station with daily news from Kuwait
Kuwait Study Abroad: This site provides virtually all the information needed to pursue academic studies in Kuwait including information on converting currency, geography, and travel guides.
Kuwait Cultural Office: The website for the Kuwait Culture Office in Washington, D.C. for education and education related issues.
Tyzo.com: Links to Kuwaiti airlines, airways, hotels, and travel deals within the middle east
Kuwaitboom.com: A Cultural website on the famous Kuwaiti ship building history.
Kuwaitonline.com: The self professed "most informative site on the State of Kuwait," complete with corny music, and great animation.
Kuwait Travel: This is a good travel sight, including points of interest, business information, and accommodations


Central bank of Kuwait: This is the home page for the Central Bank of Kuwait, which includes exchange rates and other financial information.
Kuwait Top-List: This is a more commercial oriented site including profiles of major companies, a business directory, and other information on businesses in Kuwait.
Kuwait National Marketing: A private company site to market Kuwait as a destination for direct foreign investment

Government and Politics

The Gulf War Impact on Terrestrial Environment of Kuwait: This is a study on the Environmental impact of the Gulf War on Kuwait
Kuwait Yellow Pages: This sight pretty much describes itself, a complete link to everything and everyone in Kuwait through web pages, phone numbers, etc.


Kuwait News Agency: includes the latest news in Kuwait as well as many other helpful journalistic oriented articles


Grand Mosque: Webpage concerning the Grand Mosque with various links to audio broadcasts from the Grand Mosque, with the history and architecture of the mosque.

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