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Al Mashriq - the Levant: Extensive information about the culture of Lebanon and the Middle East, including a section on Arabic music.
Khalil Gibran: Comprehensive site of Khalil Gibran including biography, paintings, and writings.
Lebanon Links: Large search engine for Lebanese websites including, news, music, travel, media, and events.
Aldoukan.com: Lebanese food products on-line
Lebanon Voice: information on all aspects of Lebanese culture and history
Beiteddine Festival: annual cultural and musical festival with information on the Beiteddine Palace, performance areas, previous festivals, and feedback and services.


Beirut Stock Exchange: links to markets, listed companies, authorized dealers, bulletins, news, and agreements with other stock exchanges.
Ministry of Economy and Trade: Economic highlights, about the ministry, foreign trade, insurance, price index, intellectual property, consumer protection, publications, statistics, and services online
Ministry of Finance: government finances, international agreements, value added tax, taxation, and tax settlement links.
Association of Lebanese Industrialists: - Economic organization grouping industrialists from all over the Lebanon region with links to the administration, activities, members and news

Government and Politics

Politics in Lebanon: History of the Political Parties: History of political parties in Lebanon
Politics in Lebanon: Comprehensive site of all aspects of Lebanese politics and government
Lebanese Parliament: Comprehensive site detailing the past, present, and future of the Lebanese parliament
Hizbollah Central Press Office: Site informing of the identity of the Hizbollah, their mission statement, and all relevant information pertaining to the movement
Middles East Intelligence Bulletin (MEIB): free monthly publication
sponsored by the United States Committee for a Free Lebanon, analysis of political and strategic developments in Lebanon, Syria, and the Middle East
FreeLebanon.com: Pro-Lebanon Activist with numerous links to many related topics within Lebanon
Embassy of Lebanon; Washington, D.C: links to embassy information, job opportunities, and tourism.


Daily Star: Lebanese paper in English on-line including resources, opinions, weather,classifieds, etc.
An-Nahar: Liberal Arabic daily paper founded in 1933
As-Safir: Arabic political daily (Arabic)
Al Hayat: Pan-Arab independent daily publication in London and also printed and distributed in Lebanon. Links to staff, comments, pages, articles, and advertising
Daily Lebanese Newspaper: A Lebanese news site (Arabic).


Druzenet.com: Promoting various sites, subjects and media on the Druze faith includingEl-Doha and Adam. Also includes Arabic news coverage of the Druze community
in Lebanon and worldwide.
Opus Libani: Lebanese Catholic Information Center (CCI) covers the news of the Catholicchurches in Lebanon (Maronite, Melkite, Armenian, Coptic, Chaldean, Latin
and Syriac churches).
Supreme Islamic Shi'ite Council: Lebanese Islamic Shi'ite Council headed by Ayatollah Imam Sheikh Mohammad-Mehdi Shamseddine. News, speeches and conferences, verdicts and Islamic legal questions, religious news and visits and pronouncements of Sheikh Shamseddine, news of the Shi'ite authority in Iraq. Also "Al Karar", the online newspaper of the Shi'ite Council (Bilingual Arabic and English).
Orthodox Archdiocese of Byblos and Botrys (Mount Lebanon) -Brummana, Lebanon: Official site of the Greek Orthodox Church - Mount Lebanon headed by
Metropolitan George Khodr. Also publishes "Raïati" (My parish) with an online version.

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