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Center for Libyan Studies: A British think-tank dedicated to presenting clear information on Libya

Libya Mazigh: This is a site that details Libya's Mazigh, or Berber, culture and population. Includes information on the history and historical sites of Libya, an overview of the Tamazigh language and a photo gallery showing old cities and places of interest in Libya.

Libyana: This comprehensive page offers many different links to Libyan culture, religion, history and art pages. Includes information on history, maps in English and Arabic, and recipes for Libyan dishes.


World Trade Center Tripoli: A site that highlights the economic contributions that are available in the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Republic.

U.S. Department of Energy's Site on Libya: Extensive text on oil, natural gas, and crude oil production in Libya as well as information on other energy issues in Libya.

Government and Politics

The Libyan Democrats Society: A website promoting the democratization of the Libyan regime.

Muammar Al-Qadhafi: A tribute to the Libyan dictator.

Socialist People's Libyan Arab Republic: All you want to know about the legitimacy of the Libyan regime with links to the history of Libya and the famous Green Book.

The National Front for the Salvation of Libya: The page of the opposition party to Qadaffi


Akhbar Libya: an Arabic news site for Libya


The Last Jews of Libya: This site is dedicated to the Jewish culture in Libya. It gives a history of Jews in Libya.

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