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Malaysia: This site discusses the role of Islam in Malaysian society. The site also has some information on the other ethnic groups (Chinese and Indians) that compose Malaysians, as well as information on the food, agriculture, and history of the country.
Malaysia by Mark Moxon: Mark Moxon is a travel writer and this site presents his articles, observations, and experiences while traveling in Malaysia. Here you can find his impressions on things from the government to specific regions that he visited.
My Far East - The Malaysian People: This site discusses the cultures of the various ethnic groups in Malaysia. It also discusses the historical trends, the economic and political influences, of how Malaysian's ethnic population came to be what it is today.
Langkawi Archipelago: This site delves into the culture and folk-lore of the Langkawi archipelago, a group of islands north of the Malaysian peninsular.
Malaysian Recipes: Here is a fun site to find recipes on how to make Malaysian cuisine, including other Asian cuisines.
Binder's Classic Malaysia: This site has vintage photographs of Malaysian daily life, people, and places.
Malaysian Travelogues: This site for the tourist provides many articles and links to people's travelogue experiences in Malaysia and other Asian countries.
Malaysia's Culture: This is another general site on the people, culture, and religions of Malaysia. It also includes links to news.
A History of the Malay Peninsula: This is a comprehensive site devoted to the history of the Malay Peninsula, with articles about the Early Malay Kingdoms to European Colonization to the spread of Islam.
Windows to Malaysia: This is another general site devoted to the culture, history, and government of Malaysia, and a link to "places of interest" in the country


Malaysian Economics: This site provides analysis and descriptions of the recent Asian economic crisis and its effects on Malaysian economics.
Malaysian Unofficial News Centre: This site also explores Malaysian economics and provides information on the recovery plans being developed in the country.

Government and Politics

Governments on the WWW: Malaysia: This site provides a central source for links to the websites of the many offices, institutions, departments, and political parties of the Malaysian government.
Prime Minister's Office: This site is the official site devoted to the prime minister and his actions.


VettiPechu: This site provides articles and informations on different aspects of Malaysia, including current events, culture, politics, and society, with an emphasis on the problems and concerns of Indian-Malaysians (Malaysians of Indian origin). This is a news site with a more progressive outlook (left-of-center politics and leanings) but, according to the website, tries to remain non-partisan
Bernama - The Malaysian National News Agency: This site is a news agency sponsored and run by the government, with articles ranging on many aspects of Malaysian politics and life.
Forest Conservation Portal - Indonesia and Malaysia Rainforest Conservation: This site provides information on the developments and news of issues concerning the rainforest in Malaysia.
Suaram - Struggling for Human Rights in Malaysia: Suaram is a human rights organization devoted to human rights issues of Malaysia, with news and articles.
Sarawak Tribune: This site provides daily news about Malaysia.
Malaysiakini: This site provides daily news concerning numerous topics.


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