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Internet Ancient Story Book: Mauritania: "Accounts of Ancient Mauretania" Text site giving quoted passages from ancient history texts regarding Mauritania.

Country Reports: Mauritania: A diverse collection of facts about Mauritania including economic statistics, facts about government and political structure, demographic infomration and geography. Additional information and links to related topics of interest available.

World 66: Mauritania A Travel guide for a large part of Mauirtania with information about subregions and cities around the country. Also includes text about important cultural features and access to suggested reading and more information.

Rosetta Project: Mauritania Gives a complete listing of languages spoken in the present territory of Mauritania. Also provides links to other countries where these languages are spoken and information about the language family each language comes from.

World Info Zone: Mauritania: Collection of facts about Mauritania including holidays and food, as well as a small photo gallery

FORIM: Changing roles of Women Essay: An essay about the changing role of women in Mauritania published on the site for the Friends of the République Islamique de Mauritanie (FORIM)

Lonely Planet: Mauritania: brief description of Mauritanian culture. The site, however, gives links to many ofther points of interest within Mauritania as well as providing a picture slideshow and maps.

Human Rights Initiative : report on Mauritania before the United States trade representativ

Amnesty lnternational: news articles about human rights in Mauritania

World Flag Database shows the flag and some statistics of Mauritania

The University of Nouakchott, college in Mauritania shows departments, faculty and programs. Available in English, French and Arabic.

-Coalition Against Slavery in Mauritania and Sudan, showing stories and pictures.


Ouguiya: This site shows the varying denominations, both obverse and reverse of the Ouguiya, the country of Mauritania’s currency.

Fact Monster : brief economic description of Mauritania. Additional links provided to history and information resources (bibliography.)

Islam in Africa : brief economic description of Mauritania

Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry : economic facts about Mauritania

US Census Bureau: Charts of trade with Mauritania

Government and Politics

Foreign Affairs : A summary of meeting between the Foreign Minister of Isreal and the Foreign Minister of Mauritania about the peace process

La Mauritanie en ligne: :official website for the Mauritanian government (in French). Inclludes links to Economy, Culture, Tourism and the Administration. Also, provides information about news and legislation. (Links to English and Arabic versions not active)

International Constitutionak Law Project:Mauritania Constitution of Mauritania including hyperlinks to referenced Constitutional articles. Links available to the constitutions of other nations.

Government of Mauritania: list of links related to government and politics of Mauritania. Includes several sites in French and Arabic as well as biographies of major political figures and informationa regarding the major political parties

Rassemblement des Forces Démocratiques -page of the Mauritania’s largest opposition party. Available only in French and Arabic

Political Leaders: Mauritania Past and Present leaders of Mauritania. Active Links go to biographies.


All Africa: Mauritania : online up-to-date news about Mauritania compiled from several sources

Mauritania Post: the major newspaper for Mauritania

Afrol News: News and updates about Mauritanian issues. Links available to other countries in Africa.



International Religious Freedoms Report: Mauritania. Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, this site gives a fairly thorough summary of religious demography and religious freedom including the legal framework and societal attitudes about religion



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