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Saudi Arabia

Map from CIA World Factbook 2001

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Amnesty International: See how Amnesty International views Saudi Arabia.

Human Rights Watch Organization The Human Rights Watch Organization’s official webpage on Saudi Arabia.

King Faisal Foundation: The King Faisal Foundation webpage. KFF is an organization that strives to better the Islamic community through education.

King Fahd University The King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. See how Saudi students study. They even have Blackboard too

American International School in Riyadh Webpage for the American International School in Riyadh.

King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST) website. Information regarding science and technology within Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Museum: The official webpage for the National Museum of Saudi Arabia.

Arabian Collections Museum, located in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The museum house Islamic, Arabic and Middle Eastern art.

Al Mansouria Foundation, an organization which promotes Saudi Arabian art and culture to the rest of the world.

History of Islam Webpage devoted to Islam. This page has a history of Mecca, the holiest city in Islam which is in Saudi Arabia and a history and information on the Kaaba

Saudi Soccer: The most popular sport in the world doesn’t escape Saudi Arabia. Check out how Saudi Arabia did in the 2002 World Cup and get news on the team and its players.

A website dedicated to Majed Abdullah, one of Saudi Arabia’s greatest soccer players. This site was created by a fan.

Middle Eastern recipes. Look one up and try to make it at home and enjoy

Saudi History This webpage contains information on the county and its history. The page also has numerous links to other Saudi Arabian webpages. (If you can read Arabic, you’ll be able to read more of the sites.)

Saudi Arabia Index:
with information on the county of Saudi Arabia, it’s government and history.

Saudi Airlines: Want to take a trip to Saudi Arabia? Check out the official website of Saudi Airlines.

Travel to Saudi Arabia The United States State Department’s consular information webpage. Includes what anyone traveling to Saudi Arabia would need to know

Saudi Pages: A good source to search about things in Saudi Arabia. The webpage has the look and feel of a Yahoo! search. Plenty of information.


Links about this country's economy.

Government and Politics

Prince Sultan Air Base: This webpage will tell you what they can about Prince Sultan Air Base, KSA. “PSAB” is the main staging point for United States Air Force aircraft and personnel participating in Operation Southern Watch. The page has neat satellite photos of the base. (This webpage is not sponsored by the United States Department of Defense or any other U.S. government agency.)

King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Webpage devoted to the king of Saudi Arabia, King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz. Find out who the king is, how he came to power, and his accomplishments in Saudi Arabia.

Royal Advisors: The official webpage for Majlis Al-Shura, a group of appointed advisors to King Fahd.

Saudi Embassy Official webpage for the Saudi Arabian Embassy

Ministry of Information Saudi Arabian Ministry of Information webpage. Includes information from commerce to art and culture in the nation of Saudi Arabia


Arab News: The Saudi Arabian English daily newspaper homepage. Find out what’s making news in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Times Webpage that has news from around the world, Middle East and Saudi Arabia, from a Saudi perspective.


Links about this country's religions.



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