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Archaeological Pre-History of Turkmenistan - Addresses questions about original inhabitants of Turkmenistan and their culture based off the archaeological discoveries and artifacts of the region. Includes images and some chronological history.

History and Culture - Provided by the Turkmenistan Embassy, gives history from the early historic rulers and culture to the Soviet victory and Stalin's rule through to independence again.

THE INTERNATIONAL MERV PROJECT TURKMENISTAN: "An Anglo-Turkmen Archaeological Collaboration" Gives information about the history and cities of Merv as well as information about the excavation program and the aims of the International Merv Project.

Photos of Turkmenistan - See pictures of ancient Merv as well as modern Turkemenistan. This includes many of the monuments in Turkmenistan as well as scenes of architecture and the marketplace and daily life.

Weather Underground: Turkmenistan: Weather Updates for many of the major cities of Turkmenistan. Shows temperature, humidity and current conditions as well as links to a lot of other information.

Languages of Turkmenistan: Ethnologue for Turkmenistan includes two living languages (Balochi and Turkmen) as well as an extinct language (Chagatai) with additional information about the languages and the demographics of Turkmenistan available.

Human Rights Watch World Report: Describes violations of human rights and civil liberties as of 2001. Reports of denials of political and religious freedoms. No recent update currently available.

Lonely Planet World Guide: Information about Turkmenistan geared towards travellers. Includes cultural information as well as attractions, necessary documentation for travel, and many other useful or interesting facts about Turkmenistan. Includes pictures and e-postcards to send.

1Up Info: Turkmenistan: Very detailed guide to Turkmenistan. This is an excellent resource with nearly 70 linked pages of information available on varied topics from culture to geography to military to telecommunications. Outline Organized. very useful.

Culture, traditions, and history - Site focuses mainly on two uniquely Turkmen cultural icons: their carpets and their horses.

World Flag Database: Previous and current designs for the Turkmenistan flag. Additional overview information about Turkmenistan.

Turkmen to English dictionary - This is only a small glossary (approx 2000 words), but the final project is available in MS Word Document form through a link from this site. First known compiled Turkmen-English dictionary.


Overview of the economy -lists industries and agriculture, many economic statistics and links to other information about the country.

Turkmenistan and the IMF: Press Briefings

World Bank: Press Releases, Press Reviews, Contracts and Locations

Guide to Turkmenistan: Business Law Handbook, Business Directory

Government and Politics

Governmental structure - Lists information about government, current politics, structure, etc. Useful site.

Official U.N. admission - Turkmenistan was admitted to the U.N. on March 2, 1992.

U.S. Department of State: U.S Relations, Foreign relations, Government Officials, People and History.

Consular Information Sheet Key information for Americans travelling to Turkmenistan. Includes details about health, travel documents and insurance, etc.

Electionworld:Turkmenistan - Briefly describes the Executive and Parliament .Only one political party legal, so no free and fair elections

Embassy of Turkmenistan: Official Embassy website. Includes lins to History and Culture, Latest News, tourism and Travel, Visa Regulations, etc. Also provides email links for further questions.

United Nations in Turkmenistan; Contacts, Links, Landscapes, News, Publications. Includes speeches, assessments, press releases, etc.

Guide to Law in Turkmenistan: The Constitution of Turkmenistan

Britain in Turkmenistan: This is the British Embassy in Turkmenistan webesite. It also provides BBC News Links to Britain, and Latest News in the sidebard.


Turkmenistan News: Regional news - local news, weather, travel, embassies. Additional news links on sidebar.

Latest news - find out what is happening today in Turkmenistan. Available in English, Russian, and Arabic.

News Media in Turkmenistan: links to media in Russian and English.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Live Broadcasts, Central Asia Report


Religion in Turkmenistan: p.1
General Information; p.2.History and Structure; p.3. Religion after Independence.

Religious composition and articles from the constitution concerning religion - Lists Religion-related demographics and access to the full-text of the Constitution of Turkmenistan.

An overview of Jewish history - Details Jewish origins and ancestry in Turkmenistan.




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