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OUR VOICE (formerly One Sooner)

Our Voice is the name of the University’s Active Bystander campaign, encouraging students, faculty and staff to take positive steps in intervention when they witness inappropriate behavior.  As a University community, we can alter behavior and alter what is considered an acceptable cultural norm by actively and positively engaging individuals when we see or hear of problematic behavior.  By ignoring problematic behavior, individuals are passively accepting it as a cultural norm.  The Gender + Equality Center in conjunction with the Institutional Equity Office offer periodic training on how you can be a positive influence and an active bystander.  Although the training focuses primarily on the topics of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct, the concepts learned in the training translate to any situation.  The University community is invited to join us in these training sessions.

Norman Campus

If you would like to register for Our Voice Active Bystander Training, please select your OU affiliation below:



If you are unable to attend one of the regularly scheduled training sessions, please let us know via email at  We will tailor a training for your department or for a group of 10 or more students at your convenience.

Health Sciences Center Campus

To see more information or if you would like to register for Our Voice Training, please CLICK HERE.





LGBTQ Ally Logo


LGBTQ Ally is the umbrella training program that links lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students with allies, faculty, staff, and students across our campus community. The training provides education and resources for a better understanding of the LGBTQ community’s unique needs.

Subsequent trainings, from LGBTQ Ally, include Greek Ally, Faculty Ally, Medical Ally, and K-12 Ally for Pre-Service Teachers, focus on specific communities on campus.

After the training, a LGBTQ Ally is identified by a T-shirt, button, or sign that displays the official LGBTQ Ally logo. If this logo is present, the person displaying is a resource for the LGBTQ community and the campus community, as a whole. 

See LGBTQ Ally for more information.





Step In Speak Out Logo


The Step In, Speak Out program, presented by trained peer educators, provides dialogue about sexual assault prevention and how to be an active bystander.  The program addresses topics of consent, cultural myths, and protective behaviors.  Once students have the facts, peer educators guide them through different scenarios in order to strengthen their understanding on when and how to step in as an active bystander, as well as, where resources are if an assault has occurred.

The Step In, Speak Out engages our student community in the issues of sexual assault in order to be proactive in our campus safety.  

See the Gender + Equality Center for more information.