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Visitor FAQ

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NWC Visitor FAQ

Q: Do I need a reservation to take a tour of the NWC?

A: Yes! Book a tour of the NWC.

Q: How do I visit with someone who has an office in the NWC?

A: All visitors to the National Weather Center (NWC) must check in with NWC Security staff and be met by a unit representative (point of contact) to be allowed beyond the first floor areas.  This security is in place because the NWC follows federal security regulations due to the housing of federal entities in the building.

The easiest way to visit someone who resides in the NWC is to arrange your visit with them.  The NWC resident can either meet you at the security desk or alert security to contact them upon your arrival.  

Q: Am I allowed to visit the NWC Library?

A: The NWC Library supports the wider meteorology community in Norman.  If you are a visitor to the NWC without approved credentials (OU, NOAA, or Research Campus ID), you should arrange your visit with the NWC Librarian.  Find NWC Library hours and contact information.  

Q: Who is allowed to eat in the Flying Cow Cafe in the NWC?

A: Anyone and everyone is welcome to eat at the Flying Cow Cafe.  The "Cow" is open to the public during regular operating hours.  If you don't have approved identification (OU, NOAA, or Research Campus ID), simply check in with NWC Security upon your arrival and they will provide you with a visitor badge which must be displayed during your visit.  Check out the Cafe hours and more information.   

Q: Why do I have to display identification while I'm in the NWC?

The NWC follows federal security regulations due to the housing of federal entities in the building. Visitors, residents, and students must display approved identification while in any public area of the NWC.  The NWC Security staff is knowledgeable regarding these types of identification.  If you don't have an approved OU, NOAA, or Research Campus ID, a visitor badge will be provided to you upon checking in with NWC Security with a government issued photo ID.

Q: Is there designated parking in the NWC lot?

A: There are a limited number of visitor and handicap parking spaces available along the first two rows of the parking lot.  Signs designate these spaces.  The remaining parking spaces at the NWC require a University of Oklahoma approved parking permit. 

Event organizers may work with the NWC Event Planner to request special parking accommodations.  If you are attending an event at the NWC, check with your event organizer for specific parking options.  

Q: Can I smoke (or use tobacco products) at the NWC?

A: No. Smoking or use of any tobacco product is not permitted in any facility or grounds controlled by the University of Oklahoma.  Click here to review OU's Tobacco-Free Policy.

Q: Am I allowed to have food at my event?

A: Yes.  Food arrangements (including delivery and catering) must be coordinated with the NWC Event Manager prior to the event date.  There are approved caterers for events held at the NWC.