About OA

Who We Are

The First-Year Trip is an introduction to OU that takes place in the woods. We offer about a week-long program of backpacking and hiking in the beautiful and mountains of New Mexico. Our trips are led by trained second-, third-, and fourth-year University of Oklahoma students from all walks of life. The First-Year Trip is run by the students of Outdoor Adventure and the organization's faculty advisor, and is tied into the Honors College and OU Recreational Services.


Our main goals at OA are to:

-Ease the transition from high school to OU.
-Give people the opportunity to make friends, while enjoying fun and adventure.
-Learn about character and friends in the outdoors.
-Develop a sense of community and a positive connection with OU as a whole.

About Our Trips

OA runs six-day wilderness trips in the northeastern region of New Mexico. All of our trips involve backpacking with a group of ten to twelve students. Participants travel through very scenic mountain areas. Every groups carries everything it needs to be self-sufficient for all six days of the trip. We sleep in four-person tents.

For more information, contact us at oa@ou.edu.