First Year Trip

Preparing for your First Year Trip - Equipment

Individual Gear List

Individual Gear List (pdf)

This is the list of equipment that individuals are responsible for bringing on the trip. All of the equipment on the list is required for a safe and fun outdoor experience. If you have questions about the adequacy of your gear, or problems getting the right gear, please contact us. We expect you to show up in Norman with all of the following equipment. If you arrive without items or with inadequate equipment, you will have to purchase suitable equipment in Norman. You will be asked to leave any additional items behind (i.e., jeans, knives, etc...). Please bring this list with you when you come to check in. You must have all of your equipment before you leave on the trip. If you have any questions about equipment, get in touch with us.

Notes on Individual Gear

  • Staying warm and dry on the trails is a principal concern not only to have a good time but to be safe. Being cold and wet is not only not fun but very unsafe too.
  • Absolutely no cotton or denim! Cotton/denim holds water, fails to insulate when wet, and does not dry slowly. These fabrics are dangerous in cold environments.
  • To stay warm and dry, place clothing items in sturdy, brand-name zip lock bags. Cheap zip lock bags often break and pop open when put in an active wilderness environment.
  • A note on hydration: we highly recommend a hydration pack for 2 quarts of your 4 quart minimum. The other quarts can be nalgenes.
  • Download a printable version of the Individual Gear List. E-mail questions to

Basic Equipment

  • Backpack, with padded hip belt
  • o external ~3750 in3
  • o internal ~5000 in3
  • Pack cover (not a garbage bag)
  • Sleeping bag (rated 30-35 oF, synthetic, not down)
  • Sleeping bag stuff sack (waterproof)
  • Sleeping pad
    Hiking boots
  • Sandals/creek walkers (no flip flops)
  • 4 lash straps (nylon, min. 36 inches)


  • 2 shirts (synthetic)
  • Long underwear top (synthetic)
  • Long underwear bottom (synthetic)
  • Sweater or jacket (polar fleece or wool)
  • Waterproof raingear top (no water-resistant, ponchos or garbage bags)
  • Waterproof raingear pants
  • Hat
  • Pants (synthetic, zip-off recommended)
  • 2 shorts (synthetic)
  • 3 pair liner socks (synthetic)
  • 2 pair hiking socks (wool)
  • 3 changes of underwear (cotton ok)
  • 1 set of sleeping clothes (only for sleeping, cotton ok)
  • Stocking cap
  • Warm gloves

Other Stuff

  • Unbreakable bowl that you can lick the bottom
  • Unbreakable spoon
  • Water bottles (Nalgene) or hydration system (4 liters minimum)
  • Small headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries
  • 2 bandanas
  • Sunglasses or clipons
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Duct tape (9 feet)
  • 4 trash bags
  • Bag for personal items/smellables
  • Sun screen (>15 spf)
  • Lip balm/chapstick
  • Tooth brush/tooth paste
  • Small first aid kit (personal prescriptions , headache medicine, Band-Aids)
  • 3 strips of moleskin (one package)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sanitary napkins/tampons (for females)
  • Backpacking chair (Crazy Creek, Therm-A-Rest, etc.)

Optional Items

  • Camera/film
  • Insect repellant (non-aerosol)
  • Backpacking pillow
  • Hacky sack or frisbee
Questions? Contact us at . Updated June 29, 2006