First-Year Trip

A Guide to Preparing for your First-Year Trip

  • Follow the equipment list to the letter! If you have questions about what to bring, please contact us!
  • Please take the time to properly break in new hiking boots. This takes some time, so please plan ahead (i.e., go boot shopping well in advance of the trip, not the day before). If you don't, expect a painful experience, trust us!
  • Exercise! Past participants have had more fun and success on the trails the more in shape they were. You don't have to be a hoss or workout every day between now and the trip, but do take some time to prepare physically for the backpacking experience
  • A note on hydration: we highly recommend a hydration pack for 2 quarts of your 4 quart minimum. The other quarts can be nalgenes.
  • Finally, The following four sections have been designed to impart all of the information everyone should know before going on the First-Year Trip. This information is essential to anyone going on the trip. Please read it carefully. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

Overview and Itinerary


Living in the woods

Before and After the First Year Trip

What Do We Eat

Trip Itinerary

Your Fitness Level
Trip Equipment List

Equipment Overview


Raingear & Fabrics


Sleeping bags
Going to the Bathroom

Brushing Your Teeth

Eye Care in the Woods
Feminine Hygiene

Arrival in Norman

Places to Stay

Parking Information
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